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Helpful Apps for People Living Alone In America


One of the saddest realities of the society that we live in today is living alone. Feeling lonely or being alone is a very personal experience and finding solutions to this problem is as individual as finding a healthy diet to improve your health. When people feel lonely, it is mostly because people feel a lack of social involvement and lack a social connection with people around them.

In the digitally connected and innovative world of today, there are many ways for people to stop feeling lonely. Different apps and gadgets can help people to connect with new people or the people they already know but they can’t connect for some reason. Using different apps on their smartphones or connecting with their loved ones using services like Spectrum phone and internet can also become an affordable way to connect. So make sure that you have either of the two ways to make things helpful for you if you are feeling. This can be very useful during the current situation where people are compelled to practice Social Distancing. For now, let’s have a look at different apps that can help you or a friend in need who might be feeling lonely:



The app is designed to provide help for people who are literate but cannot speak or have lost the ability to speak. This can have several reasons. Many people have this condition due to motor neuron disease, some kind of brain injury, laryngectomy, a stroke, and other unfortunate incidents. One can start by typing and the app can help them by predicting whatever you want to say. The app can then read out the sentence for you and gives a voice to people who cannot speak. The app can solve a lot of problems for people and make them productive individuals anywhere.


This is a limited social network that requires users to write to them if you want to join their social platforms and connect socially and get telecare solutions. The platform is inclined more towards tech-shy people and connect with their family, friends, and different communities and reassure them that people they know are okay. Users of the app can share messages, pictures, and a daily calendar using a private network. The app is considered as “Facebook for the technology-shy people and people who don’t find it easy to connect with people.


The app is ideal for people looking for online therapy and makes getting therapy more affordable. Talkspace provides convenient access to therapy using licensed therapists who need therapy and want to live a happy and healthy lifestyle.


This is a multipurpose app that can help you go through some tough times and helps you speak to someone who can make you feel better. You can think about TalkLife as a peer support platform that provides people who don’t have anybody to talk about their problems and works as a safe space. People who are going through some mental health problems, break-ups, peer pressure, trouble at school or work, and many other life issues and feel better while using the app.


The app helps you practice gratitude and find happiness, beauty, and comfort even in the simplest moments. One can stay more positive and stable throughout the day. The app has an on-the-go gratitude journal, some amazing courses, and a very supportive community


The app is based on the idea and creates a personal AI that can help a user to express and witness yourself by extending help using positive conversation. It works as a space where people can have a private perceptual world. For people who seek mental wellness, the app works as a personal companion and the artificial chatbot can be used via a mobile app or on their website. So the next time, if you or anybody you know is feeling down, you can use the app to use 24/7

Key Takeaways

It won’t be wrong to conclude that people today need apps like Replika, MIndings, TalkLife, and others to help people stay away from stress and anxieties. In the world of today, where there is a lot of stress and people look for a friend or someone with whom they can discuss their problems, these apps might not help much. But these provide them with platforms where they can share their problems in life, relationships and come across friendly people.

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Caroline is doing her graduation in IT from the University of South California but keens to work as a freelance blogger. She loves to write on the latest information about IoT, technology, and business. She has innovative ideas and shares her experience with her readers

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