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Here’s How You Drive Traffic and Sales from TikTok

The quantum jump in TikTok’s popularity has been highly encouraging, which is why many businesses are considering it a spectacular opportunity to market their brand and drive traffic and sales for their business website! With over 800 million monthly active users, the platform can be a game-changer!

Are you wondering how to kickstart a campaign! Then, discover everything needed to market the brand on TikTok.


Why brands should consider TikTok To drive traffic

TikTok is no more recognized for teen dance and lip-sync videos.  The platform has drastically changed with time and undergone a swift demographic shift in the past few months. Millennialsnow make up even a more share of the user’s base than ever before. With a 24% audience aged 25-34, the platform is also excellent to attract people with more purchasing power. Considering that point, brands are no more reluctant to buy TikTok likes to give a profile a quick boost.

Know that,It is also the most downloadednon-gaming app that observed a year-on-year increase of almost 53%

. Since the platform is growing heaps and bounds, it also fuelled the diversification of the video content. Apart from dance videos, styling tips, and beauty hacks, the platform covers various educational content, current events, and social issues. Although brands vie eagerly to get a better engagement and followers count, you still can’t ignore that it is relatively easy to go viral on TikTok. Hence, with this in mind, brands should create informative videos and tap into an ever-growing audience.

Four game-changing strategies to market brand on TikTok

Since the foremost objective of every marketing campaign is to drive traffic and sales, so it’s the right time for your brand to capitalize on the thriving and engaging community of TikTok.  Many established as well as startups already reaping the rewards! If you need some quality tips, here is the list of best ideas for driving sales and traffic from the platform.

Add a link in the bio

You are allowed to add one clickable link in your bio, making it super reliable for brands looking to drive traffic. Still, only a part of the community can capitalize on the feature.To see if you are one of the lucky ones, see if there’s a website icon once you click on your profile page to edit your profile. Those who cant avail of the opportunity are due to the country they are in or not having the enough followers.

Invest in TikTok ads

TikTok ads are the only legitimate way to add a clickable button to videos making it super convenient to drive sales and traffic from the app. Through these ads encourage users to shop, download the app, or visit the website. TikTok ads are appreciated as they give the video a guaranteed reach.

Collaborate with influencers and content creator

Partnering with influencers and content creator is an excellent way to maximize brand reach and drive more product sales. Meantime, it is crucial to identify the best creators who can understand goals and help you achieve them. When the right creators professionally advocate brand on the platform, it will indeed help brand widen brand awareness.

Go Live on TikTok

In order togo live on TikTok, you must have atleast 1k followers. When you go live on the channel, you connect with the audience in a more authentic way, which is extremely important to build brand affinity and trust. Going LIVE also expand your discoverability on the platform. To go live, select the plus button and swipe across the LIVE tab. However, no feature rolled out yet allows you to add a clickable link in LIVE streaming.

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