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HMBL Stocktwits – HUBML Stock Explained (Payments, NFT Gallery & Marketplace)

Is Hmbl Bullish or Bearish on StockTwits? Let’s see what the StockTwits community thinks about Hmbl price action. 

Okay, you’re here to find out how Hmbl stock is performing on StockTwits but how about we first give you an introduction to Stocktwits and how it is one of the best social media platforms if you wanna know how your favorite stocks are performing?



Stocktwits is social media price discussion platform for investors, traders, and entrepreneurs. Stock enthusiasts can communicate with each other in real-time and discuss how their favorite stock is performing. 



Image source: stocktwits

Apart from stocks, there’s been a huge and active community discussing cryptocurrencies lately. But this article is all about Hmbl Stock Twits.

Hmbl & Stock twits

As of today (April 24, 2022), the $HMBL stock is listed at $0.11 on Stocktwits. Stocktwits uses real-time price API from Yahoo Finance. What it means is that the price is taken right from the Yahoo Finance servers. This makes the price of every stock accurate on Stocktwits, including HMBL. 

Hmbl & Stock twits

The screenshot above shows the candle chart of Hmbl on Daily Time Frame. So, apart from the daily discussion on different stocks, the traders can actually see and analyze the price actions of different stocks on Stock twits. 

More About Hbml Stock twits

Recently, there was a lot of discussion going on about how HUMBL was finally able to acquire the domain name There was also an article uploaded on Yahoo Finance where they explained how this domain name will impact HUMBL’s success in the future. 

HUMBL allows customers to begin using blockchain in simple ways on our web platform”, said HUMBL CEO, Brain Foote. The CEO also said that this is a pivotal step forward in the journey to their success.

While some believe that HUMBL will perform well in the markets due to this domain name, others argue that the domain name is just a “name”. Here’s how the HBML Stock twits community is reacting to the news:

image source: stock twits post

The same user, 420GOAT, posted on Stock twits making fun of how people think a single person can cause the price to go up and down, only be posting on Stocktwits. 

More About Hbml Stock twits

Image source: StockTwits post

What is HUMBL ($HMBL)?

HUMBL is a Web3.0 blockchain-based money transfer solution that provides services for both consumers and businesses. 

What is HUMBL ($HMBL)?

HUMBL, Inc. (logo)

HUMBL CEO puts that the company will allow its users to use the blockchain technology in the easiest way possible, thanks to its web platform. 

Note: Do remember that the HUMBL website is still under development, so don’t expect anything fancy as of now. 

HUMBL: Financial Services

As we know that HUMBL provides blockchain-based money transfer services, let’s see how many services they provide and what features they offer to its customers.


HUBML Pay lets you pay anyone from anywhere. You can use these services to eliminate third parties in your daily transactions and get paid directly from clients. 

According to their website, HUMBL Pay will be the most suitable solution for freelancers and services providers. Apart from getting paid by clients and businesses around the world, you can also use this service to pay as consumers. 

HUMBL Mobile Pay: Features

HUBML Pay will come with a lot of small and big features. Some of the big ones are described below:


On the HUMBL app tabs, you’ll find a tab called Discover. This is where you can find the best places to eat, find clubs, gas stations, or a pizza shop.

HUMBL Mobile Pay: Features

You can list your business on HUMBL’s Discover page so that whenever someone opens this page, your business will likely be there.

100% Contactless Payments

With HUMBLE Mobile Pay, payments will now be made without any physical or hardware contact. The service uses a digital POS System which enables you to make hardware-free payments. 

Rate and Review

Just like any other platform, HUMBL will come with a rating and review option. The reason why it will be the best is that the review system is a little different from others. You can only leave a review when you’ve bought something; no more fake reviews.

HUMBL Pay for Merchants

Becoming a merchant on HUMBL Pay is as easy as making a Google account. What you need to do is install the HUMBL app and sign up. Done. You just became a digital merchant in one day, thanks to HUMBL Pay. 

With the merchant account, you can get paid online. This will be one of the best solutions for merchants who want to go cashless. 

What Else Can You Do With HUMBL?

HUMBL is not just about a boring mobile app for making and receiving payments. They have lots of other features that’ll blow your mind. 

HUMBL is setting foot in the Web3.0 market by launching a lot of Web3.0 compatibilities. From NFTs to concert tickets, HUMBL will feature all of it. 

HUMBL Marketplace

HUMBL Marketplace is where artists can list their photos and videos for sale. This isn’t a traditional marketplace with tons of security loopholes. HUBML Marketplace is backed by blockchain technology. All the NFTs listed on the marketplace can be bought via Ethereum. 

The HUMBL Marketplace is verified by BLOCKS DAO. 

Other than photos and videos, digital artists can list their unique digital art forms on the marketplace and expect high returns. 

HUMBL Marketplace

To sort things out, all art forms are categorized into different categories:

HMBL categories

HUMBL Financial

HUMBLE Financial will allow the users to invest in a smart and secure way. Investors will now be able to easily invest in the top-performing asset classes, thanks to HUBML Financial.

Last year, HUBML announced the launch of the BLOCK Exchange Traded Index (ETX). 

“BLOCK ETXs offer new options to invest in a blockchain-based asset class while also increasing Sharpe ratio and indexing against a new historical trading market.” as defined by HUMBL. 

HUMBL Financial: Features

Unlimited Access to ETX Products 

For a single flat fee, you can buy any of the indexes and/or Thematic or active ETX products. 

Trading Bots, 24/7 Automatic Rebalancing 

Since cryptocurrencies are more volatile than the stock market, the risk is higher, hence, more profits. HUMBL Financial offers automatic rebalancing and bots that look for opportunities and book good profits. 

Safe and Secure

All the services described are backed by blockchain technology which makes it safe and secure. 

HUMBLe will come to these countries:

Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, India, Ireland, Italy, Japan, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, and the United States. 

At the time of this writing, HUMBL Pay is not available for use. If you want to be among the first to know when it rolls out, head to their Website and sign up. (you’ll be informed via email when it’s available for public use.

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