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How Any Business Can Be Healthy and Sustainable

Sustainability seems to be a major topic these days, and not without a good reason. More and more people are realizing its importance on the global level.

On the other hand, people’s lives are getting more hectic by the minute, so how could things be bettered?

As always, every change for the better starts with small steps and at its core is improved satisfaction. To reach this goal, we must be healthy and aware of our impact, so let’s see how businesses – where many of us spend too much time every day – can become healthy and sustainable.

Reconsider Your Office Space

All of us have many bad habits that are difficult to change, or so at least we think. The first obvious step towards changing our lives for the better is – making the office more pleasant. As already mentioned, we spend considerable time there every day; when the office doesn’t make us feel relaxed, it affects of health and our mood.

It may sound funny, but do you remember to open the windows and let more natural light in regularly? Do you have an office plant or two to brighten the space? Are the office walls painted in light, pastel colors?

Optimally, the office should feature a standing desk as we all sit too much and it is good at preventing leg cramps and back pain, to name only a few of its benefits.

Another thing – mind your snacks. This can be tricky as many of us actually don’t pay much attention to what we’re munching on while working, but there is a tip on how to improve this bad habit: put a bowl of fruit on the desk!

The next time you’re craving a snack, it will be a banana or some other fruit. Over time, you’ll get used to healthy snacks and your body (and mind!) will thank you for that.

Set Healthier Goals

Set healthy goals, and start with small steps first: use the company gym, eat healthier snacks, and, most importantly, set OKRs to help you track your progress. Don’t remember to include the most important part: proper lunch breaks.

Food opinions differ greatly, much because we all have our preferences. Usually, a healthy balanced diet is taken to portend meals that include whole grains, fruit, vegetables, low-fat dairy products, and lean meat, but then again, there are vegetarians and vegans who will tell you that a healthy diet is different from what you imagine it to be.

Well, no matter your preferences, raw food, legumes, and whole grains are always a good idea. If you’re vegetarian/vegan, add plant-based proteins to your diet (mushrooms, lentils, tofu, soybeans, tempeh, edamame, chickpeas, seeds, beans… the list is rather long). Be creative with your dishes – all these ingredients are rather versatile, so there are many combinations to experiment with.

Oh, and another thing – don’t eat at the desk. Never ever. This bad habit can escalate fast and before you notice it, you’ll be stuck without taking any much-needed breaks every day without even enjoying your meals.

Also, make sure to take short breaks regularly. Taking a walk or even just stretching your muscles will help you prevent back pain and other health issues.

Think Green for Transportation

On the matter of movement, just one word – crucial. A sedentary lifestyle is certain to bring your woe sooner or later, so even if you don’t have a standing desk you should use every opportunity to move around. Take the stairs, walk to work, ride a bicycle whenever you can…

If you have to drive, think about going electric when you buy your next car, and take advantage of the EV federal incentives. In this way, you’ll save money and help the planet breathe, at least a bit more.

Learn More About Staying Healthy and Green Online

There are so many things you can do to do to stay healthy and be eco-friendly. So many, in fact, that you may not even have heard of some of the best ideas. Consider eLearning options to learn more about sustainability and how to be more eco-friendly without having to sacrifice things you enjoy.

There are courses and courses out there, so look them up!

Bottom Line

There are many ways for a business to become sustainable and healthy. The process doesn’t necessarily have to be difficult as long as the goals are set and milestones observed. OKRs can help you track progress with ease, but remember that the goals must be realistic and milestones easy to measure.

Important things like sitting less, walking more, eating a healthier diet, and taking regular breaks should be your main focus as they can be phased and yet start taking effect immediately. Take your time adjusting to your new routines and don’t be afraid to experiment but stick to your plans and go through them until you’re satisfied. A healthy lifestyle is a reward in itself and you’ll soon discover that you have more energy, are more productive at work, and are enjoying little things you didn’t use to even notice before. Pure bliss!

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