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How Table Covers and Runners Together Can Save Your Tables

Having good seating and eating areas in the house is a very important aspect of good living. The definition of good is not just in terms of food but the setting as well, which is contributed by a dominating dining table in the house. Dining tables add sheer elegance to the house, which is elevated by the addition of table covers wholesale, which adds to the aesthetic value of the house.

As the designs of the dining tables have progressed, the table covers and runners have also changed its designs & versions. Now the purpose of having table accessories is not just a requirement or protecting the dining table, it also enhances the beauty and decor of your house.

But before we get into this discussion, let’s understand the basic difference between a runner and a dining cover.

Difference between dining covers and runners-

Dining covers extend over the entire surface of the dining table and is made in sync with the shape of the table while Runners are the narrow vertical length of cloth that usually rests on top of dining covers or dining tables.

  • Considered a saving grace:

Table covers and runners are considered to be a saving grace for their basic function of protecting the dining table against any spillage of food or drink. Runners are placed over dining covers so that if there is any spillage, the runner can take it. Since the runner is easy to wash, it can easily protect the dining cover. If by any chance, the food misses the runner and lands on the dining cover, the damage will be limited only till the dining cover. If the table covers and runners are used together, the dining table, which usually is made out of expensive rare wood or very delicate glass, has a chance to be saved.

  • Practicality and beauty together:

It is true that dining covers give solid overall protection to your dining table, but at the same time, it covers everything, and the beauty of the dining table stays hidden. Thus, in such situations, dining runners are used to enhancing the look of the dining table. If you are okay hiding the table, the dining cover can be spread out to protect the table with elegant runners placed on top to give a sheer classy look to the whole setting.

  • A Desire for decoration:

Table covers and runners not only protect the dining table but also are used for decoration purposes for any centrepieces. A runner has the ability to synchronize décor with the setting with its elegant yet minimalistic presence effect. Runners can be used across the width of the table as table mats or can be used as a vibrant base for a pretty little vase. Table covers and runners can together add colours to the whole routine of eating.

Mending the fences:

Table covers and runners together can work wonders in favour of you and your dining area. If there is some heavy damage that has happened to your table, covering it with a table cover and placing a decorative over it with the help of a runner will definitely hide the damage and work as an attractive corner.

Making the moment memorable:

Table covers and runners together can create great and unforgettable moments marking an occasion, and by providing a delicate backdrop for your food. Cotton table cover from Ellementry with a multi-colour runner can just turn out to be a perfect combination for your table.

How to choose the right dining cover:

The dining colour should always be in contrast or colour block basis your setting and your taste.

If you have a choice of bold colours, then having a muted coloured table cloth or a subtle nude-coloured table cloth will definitely enhance the eating area and the dining table.

If you have dark, moody colours dominating the scape of the house, then having a dining cover in colour block pattern will be the best thing you do.

If you are still confused with the colour, then white can always be your ‘go-to’ colour blending in any setting and uplifting the look.

How to choose the right dining runner:

Picking the right runner is so important that the individuality of the dining table rests majorly on how the runner looks. The right kind of table runner needs to be-

  • Lengthy enough to rest lengthwise but never to hang below the table cover.
  • Short & sleek where the smaller runners can be put to action.
  • Widened out table runner to create a more medieval classic décor look.
  • The dining cover and the runner are never put in a parallel direction unless completely contrast in colour as otherwise, it will ruin the whole look by giving out a boring vibe.


Usually, it is advised to always choose contrast colours between your dining cover and runner to give the dining setting, a quirky but elegant finish. The combination of good table covers and runners gives an undeniably voguish look to the whole setting. If you are looking to buy table covers to elevate the whole feel of the dining area, then there are many amazing websites that offer great deals of great products that otherwise are not available in departmental stores. But there is one site which is setting the standards for amazing tablecloths at affordable prices.

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