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How The Internet Has Affected Our Lives During the Pandemic

The pandemic has brought great inconvenience, including emotional and financial losses. Our lives have drastically changed during the pandemic. Although we have become accustomed to the new normal, we still have a long way to go to turn our losses into profits and our disappointments into success. The internet has played a major role during the pandemic. It has played a major role in keeping us updated, motivated and entertained. Best Internet in Cleveland Ohio and other cities deserve a tribute to keeping us updated in difficult times. Here is how the internet has helped us during the pandemic.


Social media

During the pandemic we could hardly meet our loved ones. It was necessary for their health and our own health too. Quarantine was the best solution to keep our loved ones safe from the deadly disease. In these times social media has been extremely helpful in keeping up with friends and family.

Social media allowed us to keep our loved ones in loop even if we were geographically apart. It allowed us to enjoy a few moments of happiness in these desperate and gloomy times. How often a meme turned around your mood or a few minutes of a funny video from your favorite content creatormade you laugh?Thanks to social media trends we all found some new activity or hobby. From trying new recipes to unleashing our creative side, we all found a new talent hidden in us.

Work from Home

Business suffered the most from the pandemic. A lot of new startups shut down while the older ones went bankrupt and people were laid off. However, things are still not as bad as they could have been without the internet. This is because the internet has allowed us to work from home. Eventually, most employers realized that a physical office may not be necessary to run their business. Asking their employees to work from home  allowed them to be safe from the virus without downsizing.

In fact, in some cases work from home increased productivity and many companies achieved more targets than before.Some employers are now of the opinion that work from home maybe a feasible option even when the pandemic is over. It saves rent, time, and fuel. It has only proved to be effective during these times with the internet, otherwise it would have become difficult to coordinate.

Video calls

While the pandemic has been disastrous for many businesses some have even flourished during this time of despair. Video calling apps became our savior. They were usually taken for granted before the pandemic however, the pandemic allowed them these apps innovate, upgrade and hence make profit. Video calling apps are useless without the internet. Whether it be meetings at work or calling your friends and family to check up on them or your children studying online, video calling apps have helped us a lot. These video calling apps have also upgraded to your convenience and you can choose features that align with your needs. Internet has played a major role in erasing geographical distance in times when we need our loved ones for support and motivation.

Digital marketing and freelance

Digital marketing has been on the rise during the pandemic. Ithelped businesses advertise through social media when we could not step out and see the latest products and services on billboards. It also allowed many people to get jobs.Gone are the days when you had to go throughhassle of running your ads on television. With digital marketing you can advertise to a precisely targeted audience according to age, gender, location etc.

Freelance has also increased during the pandemic. With many of us staying at home we prefer to have projects on the internet that not only pay us, but keepus occupied and give us a chance to improve our skills.

Kept us updated

With the advent of internet, information from all over the world has been on our fingertips. We can easily find out what is happening on the other side of the world with one tap on our phones. Before the newspaper could reach us in the morning the latest news is already available on our mobile phone or tablet. This has been a blessing in the times of a pandemic. Internet has allowed us to see where, how and when the pandemic had begun. It has allowed organizations to prepare for what may happen if the disease reaches their country. It has allowed layman to understand the disease, a core factor in creating awareness. It has also helped medical professionals to keep updating their knowledge about the newly spread virus.

The internet is truly a blessing!

The internet has had a major impact on our lives during the pandemic. However, it should not be forgotten that anything in excess may cause harm than good. We should realize that responsible and wise use of internet is the key to convenience while over use and misuse have their own consequences. We have to be responsible citizens and avoid spreading false and misinformation over the internet to create panic among people. 2020 has been a tough year but we should realize that in these sad times we have to take care of each other while we take care of ourselves.

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