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How the Winter Clothing Trend is Changing?

Have you ever wonder after watching your grandmother’s picture about where have all those classiest clothing have gone? Well, that’s because the wheel of fashion keeps revolving, and you get the new style with each rotation. Winter Jackets have always been the main clothing element, so it has changed a lot with moving time. The dressing styles have evolved a lot during the past years, and still, it is developing its way with new styles. Here is how fashion has grown in the past days with changing styles, hues, and many more elements.
Every century had something unique to define their styles; the 1800s were the era of big gowns and coats, which focused on the waist and bust area while increasing the circumference of the lower-waist area with the extra additions under the silhouette. The 1900s was the era of bold hues and colors with permed hair. Well, here is how the styling has traveled through generations and came out in the face of today’s fashion.



The 1800s is the most electrifying era with using so much cloth in nearly every dress of design. During the 1800s, women used to wear long puffy gowns with puffy sleeves. The maxis were the main attire of the women, and it had too fluffy sleeves impossible to fit in any coat, so women used to carry the capes or cloaks to stay warm.

The garments became sleeker when the era moved away, as, during the 1870s, the sleeves became shorter, which led to the popularity of coats and Dolman jackets. Warm long coats became popular by the end of the 1800s with the corset-style upper side, and the well-defined lower part has made those coats more desirable pieces among Winter Clothing during that era.

Usually, those coats were made of velvet and had long loose sleeves with furs at the end; women used to wear Rib-knitted shawls with them to define their style, as it was the hottest styles of that era. Muffs made with fur were the main part of the Victorian era closet. During the early part of that era, ladies from the higher status used to wear winter bonnets, manufactured from animal hides.

Later those bonnets have changed into hats, and it kept becoming shorter with the passing time. Shorter hats were also embellished with furs, and they became unable to fulfill their sole purpose of covering ears. Also, the majorly used spectrum of colors was the pastel palette. At last, a new era has begun with the latest and reversed fashion styles.


This era was the golden era for fashion and fashionistas. The 1900s were when the whole style was revolutionized by giving off some major ideas of modern clothing. The first decade of 1900 was truly inspired by the style of the 1800s, dresses that define curves, long gowns, capes, corset-style clothing, and use of fur in almost everything.

Though, after 1910 the styling of clothing reversed; pastel hues were replaced by bolder colors and bright tones; women got more independence in that era, so they decided the comfort dresses for themselves instead of going for the huge gowns forever, they started picking the items they loved wearing. Shoulder padded tailored silhouettes for women became the sensation.

Women even started wearing leotards, which was the biggest decision ever made by them. This shows that much body in that era required so much courage; well, Kudos to those who made it easier in today’s generation. For Winter Clothing, Women started wearing the oversized padded coats and gave off the real bossy b vibes!

During winters, in the late ’80s and ’90s, bright-colored shoulder-padded jumpsuits made up of warm cloth with a belt tied around the waist was more popular than ever. Single-breasted and double-breasted blazers with lapel collar got their popularity in that era, though they both were in baggy styles during that era.

Hats got more fame than any other accessory! Women never left the fur behind, though they started wearing it as an accessory instead of the part of their dresses. Furred neck scarfs and capes over bodycon dresses became more than a style-statement; it started depicting a class of people. In the late ’90s, trench coats and leather jackets also got acknowledged.

Leather studded jackets over leather pants; this style spread like wildfire, and many fashion icons adopted it immediately. The royalties like Princess Diana showed the right way of wearing blazers and trench coats with style and class. Overall if we say that the 1900s owe us so much in the name of fashion, then it is not wrong in today’s era; the majority of styles have been inspired by the designs from the late 1900s.

2000’s and Present:

Early 2000’s styles were most of the adoption of the 90’s styles. However, there was one item which got popularity among these was the denim. The whole early 2000s fashion revolves around denim, especially high-waist, skinny, and boot-cuts styled denim. Winter Clothing in that time was just the enhancement of 90’s styles.

The mid-length coats were discovered in this era, and they were the real game-changer, as they are popular till now. The designers strived through really hard and gave off a coat between a trench coat and a blazer. Those coats over pencil skirts have become the top of the trending list, and every other woman opted for them.

Beanies, hoodies, and oversized sweatshirts were the real attention-grabbing winter clothing and leisure clothing of that time. Still, they have an important place in the Winter Clothing essentials. Now the decade in which we live in free-will fashion, the world has moved so fast that many concepts of fashion and society have evolved.

A beautiful fusion of hues from different palettes is the real essence of today’s style. There are no restrictions over any style for everyone, though the puffer and parka jackets are winning the winter game this year. Leather jackets, blazers, and trench coats are like the Plank’s constant as they aren’t going to change ever! Cropped tops with cardigans are the new addition in winter clothing, but anytime you can switch to the early era’s style have the best vintage clothing style.

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