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How to Build a Sales Team

If you want to survive in business, you have to be able to sell your product or service.  Having the right people around you is very important for the growth of your business, but how do you build a sales team?

Hire the Right People

The first step is to make sure you hire the right people. The most important task for an interviewer is to sell you the idea that they can do the job and that hiring them is a great idea. Therefore, they are selling themselves the minute they walk into the interview room. Think about whether they sound plausible and whether you would buy from them if they were selling your products. The way they come across in an interview will be similar to the way they come across in a sales presentation. Do you think your customers would buy from them, and why?

Sales Enablement

You can hire the right people, but you still need to give them the right tools to do the job. What is sales enablement? It is giving your staff the right training, the right technology, and the right products to do their job and making sure that they get the chance to present to your target market at the right time. Sales enablement means taking a holistic approach to each of these things to make sure you get the best outcome. 

Company Culture

Nobody likes coming in to work if they don’t like their colleagues or their customers, everyone is arguing, and nobody feels motivated. Creating the right company culture includes making sure people get on by hiring employees that will fit into the team, giving praise where it is due, and making sure that they feel motivated. This all means that you will get the best out of them.

Be a Great Leader

Company culture is nothing without a great leader. As a leader, you need to be able to take charge and motivate your team to do their best. You also need to be able to show empathy. Listen to them when they are having a difficult day, or they have personal problems and reassure them that they can hit their targets. Making them feel worse about themselves will harm their performance. 


A sales team should be incentivized to keep them making sales and encouraged to do more. Sales targets are a fantastic way to achieve this, and most salespeople are incentivized by money so making sure they understand the financial rewards of hitting their next target is imperative. A sales team should be hungry for money and success, and this keeps them motivated.

Celebrate Winning

Celebrate winning with praise or a bottle of wine at a team meeting. Everyone loves recognition, especially if it is public and comes from the boss. Giving praise where it is due will help you build a great sales team.

Follow these six tips to build a sales team and help your company go from strength to strength.

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