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How to Choose the E-Liquid for Your Vape

Using a vape is helpful when you are trying to quit smoking. Instead of smoking regular cigarettes that have a lot of harmful chemicals for your body, vape brands like vaporesso use e-liquids as a substitute for the nicotine you crave.

There are a lot of e-liquids that you can choose from. However, first-time vape users may be confused when choosing the right type of e-liquid to get. So, here are some tips on selecting e-liquids that appeal to your taste.

What is an e-liquid?

E-liquids are also known as vape juice. It is the liquid that you use that produces the vapour in a vape. The three main ingredients that make e-liquids are vegetable glycerine, propylene glycol, and flavourings.

Contrary to what many people believe, e-juices don’t always contain nicotine. In addition, some liquids don’t contain nicotine that can cater to non-smokers.

How to find the right e-liquid for you

Vape juice has a lot of differences aside from its flavour. That’s why you have to know your preferred type of e-juice that suits your needs.

  • Consider the type of device you have. Most vape devices like vaporesso can accommodate any e-juices. But for those who use vape pods, it is recommended that you use vape juice that uses salt nicotine instead of the freebase nicotine juices.

Salt nicotine-based juices can’t be used with devices that have regular coils as they have a higher level of nicotine concentrate. So, unless you’re using a pod device, freebase nicotine would be best for you.

There are recommended VG/pg ratios for vape units with replaceable coils depending on how much ohms resistance you vape in. But as long as you don’t vape at a very low ohm level, you can opt for a 50/50 ratio on your e-juice.

  • Know your preferred nicotine level. Nicotine in e-liquids is measured in multiples of 3 milligrams. Going for juices with a higher nicotine level is best if you are a recent quitter.

If you smoked 1-2 sticks of cigarettes a day, then 3mg of nicotine in your e-liquid would be a safe amount for you. But, of course, you could go up to 18mg if you’re a heavier smoker.

Although vape juices don’t have any nicotine content, it is best for quitters to try low nicotine levels to ease their smoking habits.

  • Understand the VG/PG ratio. When you start vaping, you might be confused by the fractions you see on vape juice labels. This is called the VG/PG ratio, or vegetable glycerin to propylene glycol content.

Different ratios would produce different amounts of smoke and have different throat hits. For example, E-liquids with higher VG produce more smoke and have little to no throat hit, while higher PG levels have harder throat hits and would be more suitable for heavier smokers.

Vape liquids with more than 50% VG are more suitable for kits and coils with less than 1-ohm resistance and are suggested for sub-ohm or direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping. E-liquids with more than 50% PG are recommended for coils with more than 1-ohm resistance and are better suited for mouth-to-lung (MTL) vaping.

  • Choose your desired flavour. The most fun part of choosing your vape juice is picking out a flavour. There are so many options that you can choose from, like pastries, fruits, candy, and mentholated types.

Tobacco-flavoured juices are also available for those who still prefer the taste of their old cigarettes.

Remember that when choosing an e-liquid, you should do ample research on what you should consider when picking out the right one. Although you can always opt for a 50/50 ratio to be on the safe side, you would have a better vaping experience when you use the recommended juices that are right for your device.

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