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How to Get Your Plastic Macaron Boxes Customized?

A macaron is a luxury sweet to satisfy our sweet tooth. A macaron is a meringue-based round cookie with a light crunchy texture sandwiched with slightly chewy filling. This classic dish gives the feel of 18th-century French culture and is a perfect dessert for all your special events. People throughout the world enjoy this regal treat. With the increasing global demand for macarons, there were many variations in their shapes, sizes, flavors, and fillings, etc. Macarons are never out of fashion so to enhance their beauty or ambiance we should order macaron boxes. Standard boxes cannot justify the experience of eating macarons. So, if we are investing time into making this then we should consider getting elegant packaging for them as well. Plastic Manufacturers come in a variety of sizes ranging from small to large. These boxes are available in different shapes as well as custom designs.


Interesting facts about Macarons

Before discussing Macaron packaging, let us discuss the origin and interesting facts about macarons. Macarons first appear in Italy in 1533 at the marriage of Duc d’Orleans. They become double-decker macaron by the beginning of the 20th-century. The idea was to fill the macarons with ganache cream to make them adhere to each other. There are some unknown facts about the macarons that will blow your mind. These facts are:

1- Macarons are quite popular in France, however, they originally come from Italy. Initially, the macaron was a single cookie but over time the French people refine the recipe and that’s how double-decker macaron came into existence. 

2- The word ‘macaron’ and ‘maccarone’ are from the same origin of the word, with the meaning ‘fine dough’.

3- In New York City. March 20th is considered as macaron day while on May 31st, National Macaron day is celebrated offering free Macarons to the people.

4- Macarons are the most popular sold sweet in France having double sales than its rivals.

5- An average macaron is less than 100 calories. In contrast to any other sweet, they are relatively low in calories. 

6- The world’s tallest pyramid was made in 2013, made using 8540 macarons, and is still in the Guinness Book of World records.

Customization of Macaron boxes

Macaron packaging is important because a colorful and attractive box is better than a standard box. These colorful macaron boxes play a dynamic role as they can grab customer’s attention. Besides color, innovative designs also play a forceful part in product sales. It is your basic need to have a unique structure and assortment of custom Macaron boxes. These Macaron boxes can be your sales boosters so it’s really important to have such custom boxes. However, you need to consider the following points for customization of Macaron boxes:

Color selection

Colors are capable of transforming ordinary things into something extraordinary. So, the first step of customization is choosing the right color. Color selection has a significant impact on the customer’s mind. Among all the available shades choose the colors that match the taste of your target audience

Printing and designing

A variety of printing options are available for your custom Macaron boxes. You can go for graphic painting as well as lithographic painting. Moreover, laser printing can also fulfill your requirements. You can print your custom boxes with different designs and patterns using these printing techniques. For customization, choose those patterns and designs that impress your customers.


Always remember the occasion before you customize your boxes. For instance, Macaron boxes are there on birthdays, bridal showers, weddings, Christmas, etc. so, make sure that your customize your boxes according to the event. Moreover, they can be the giveaway options at your parties. Moreover, you can customize these boxes with a special message mentioning the name of the person.

Macaron boxes are available in a variety of designs. You can get your custom Macaron boxes in different shapes and sizes. From simple round boxes to sleeve or gable style boxes, you can choose according to your preference or budget. 

Special features

You can add special features to your Macaron boxes. For instance, you can add sliders to a regular Macaron box. These special features make your ordinary Macaron boxes more appealing. And anything that appeals to customers can increase their urge to buy your product. 

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