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How to Have The Best Skin of Your Life

Achieving the best skin of your life comes down to your consistency. The better you stick to your daily skincare routine, the more likely you will achieve and maintain clear skin. Additionally, the lifestyle habits that you take up will also influence the clarity of your skin. In this article, we go over ways that can help you achieve the best skin of your life. Let’s get started. 


Wash Your Face 

You want to keep your skin safe! Good skincare starts with washing your face every day. Each day, we are exposed to bacteria, germs, and debris that seep into our pores and clog our skin. We can protect our skin from buildup by washing our face with a gentle soap or mild cleanser. Look for cleansing agents that use natural ingredients. Stay away from scrubs and soaps that contain lots of chemicals. 

Use Sunscreen Outdoors

During the day, especially during the sunniest months of the year, use an SPF-30 or more sunscreen to keep your skin protected. You’ll reduce your risk of skin cancer by wearing the right coverage, even when it’s cloudy outside. It is a common misconception that if you can tan as opposed to burning, you’re not at risk for skin cancer. 

Anyone can get skin cancer, and everyone is more susceptible to that possibility if protective sunblock is not worn while outside. You should also purchase after sun products to help your skin recover from any damaging exposure from time spent in the sun. 

Use A Night Cream

An essential part of caring for your skin is helping it do the natural recovery work that it does while you sleep. Using a night cream, you can help the skin-clearing, detoxifying process that occurs as part of the rest and digest response during sleep.

Retinols and other blemish-fighting agents may be helpful night cream choices. Retinols are not suitable for all skin types and may be problematic if you spend a lot of time in the sun during the day. Always speak with your dermatologist before starting any intense skin repair regime. 

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Exfoliate Throughout The Week

To further cleanse your skin as the week progresses, exfoliate as much as your skin can handle without harming it. Deep exfoliation stimulates better circulation and helps to reduce the likelihood of breakouts. 

You can exfoliate in the shower with the right cleanser or use a dry brush after bathing for the same effects. 

See what works for your skin! Some people also enjoy using exfoliating gloves. You can wear these in the shower and utilize their rough texture to get more out of your exfoliating. 

Use A Toner

As a finishing touch to your skincare routine, use a toner to even out your complexion and benefit from the antioxidants that are often included in many natural toners. Look for chemical-free toners that utilize natural ingredients like citrus fruits to benefit from these detoxing elements. Dab a few drops of toner onto a reusable bamboo makeup pad and gently blot on your skin.

Make sure to get your t-zone area to keep shine at bay. You might also consider applying witch hazel to areas where you’re prone to breakouts. You might apply diluted witch hazel to the side of the face, the jawline, and under the chin as some common breakout areas. 

The Bottom Line 

Achieving and maintaining the best skin of your life is about staying consistent with your skincare routine. Utilize the above suggestions as you work to create a skincare routine that you can work with and see benefits from the more frequently you stick to it. 

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