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How To Increase Your Real Instagram Followers Count

Many businesses’ social media presence has become focused on Instagram, which drives profitable traffic to increase conversions, landing pages, and building an engaged community. As your audience expands, you’ll have a greater and greater opportunity to engage with users and provide them with unique experiences, which is why having and building up your real Instagram followers’ base is essential.

Nevertheless, sometimes, brands are willing to take the “easy” path towards Instagram followers growth and employ tools like Ingramer, which uses 100% automation to manage your Instagram account doing what you usually do and expand your following. However, you need to add into consideration that the social media giant is very diligent in getting rid of automation as it’s against their terms of service, so using a tool like Ingramer can put you and your business in a risky situation where it’s only a matter of time before you get caught cheating.

For that reason, the most successful brands on Instagram are exclusively focused on putting out great content and implementing lots of strategies to get where they are organically. So, to make things easier for you and your brand in your quest for real followers, we will look at some of the best Instagram strategies to help you grow your real Instagram followers count.


Maintain a Content Calendar

Posting content at random periods is the most dangerous thing you can do while trying to increase your Instagram followers. If you were lucky enough to get users to follow you in the first place, the last thing you want is to make them forget why they joined your following. 

Maintain a regular posting schedule to fight this. Brands should post no more than just a few times per day to avoid spamming, but whatever your schedule is, it’s best advised to stick to it. Every day, around 500 million Instagram users log on to the network, so try posting several times during the day to reach a larger audience. Sticking to a plan or a content calendar will help you provide a consistent experience for your followers and keep them updated about your business.

Encourage Your Business Partners To Post You

When studying how to get more Instagram followers, it’s vital to grasp the importance of your audience. The more followers you organically gain, the more customers and potential customers you’ll attract.

The best strategy to get people to follow you is to be in front of them and be present, as it’s critical to stay active both on your own Instagram account and others’ accounts as well. To achieve that, consider utilizing sponsored user-generated content to get your brand in front of your customers’ feeds. 

You may also host Instagram competitions to promote your business to a bigger group of people. These actions boost social proof by proving that your supporters are interested enough in your material to share it. Work with larger Instagram accounts in your industry to promote your content to their followers. For instance, pick some well-known influencers that produce content complementary to your field. Just make sure you’re giving something worthwhile in return, as you don’t want to appear overbearing.

Use Only Relevant Hashtags

As a business owner, you want to grow your real audience by getting real followers, and hashtags can help you do that, as they are among the most tried-and-true techniques to gain Instagram followers. 

Start by looking for hashtags that aren’t too popular. For example, the hashtag #love on Instagram has more than 184 million images associated with it, proving the theory that it’s not easy to stand out in an ocean of millions of Instagram videos and photos.

For that reason, you must select hashtags that are more likely to be used by your target demographic. These folks are much more likely to follow your account if a relevant connection is created. One method to group postings around hyper-relevant content to your business and campaigns is to use unique, branded hashtags.

Make Sure That Your Followers Are Satisfied With Your Work

If you make your Instagram followers happy with what you do and post on the network, you will undoubtedly witness an increase in your audience. So put every suggestion you’ve heard into practice in a way that feels authentic to your brand identity. Put another way, don’t come out as robotic, needy, or solely sales-driven Instagram account. 

For many Instagram accounts, this means throwing in posts genuinely intended to make people smile and create consumer relationships. Remember to provide content to your followers on your feed as if they were friends: this might include posting inspirational content, memes, or simply re-sharing beautiful photographs or artwork that can help your followers relax during the day.

Proudly Showcase Your Account 

If you don’t advertise your Instagram account, there is little-to-no chance that people will find it. For that reason, ensure that your Instagram account is linked to your other social media platforms and your website, which will make it clear where your fans can connect with you. You might include social media buttons on your blog and website to encourage people to share your content on social media and to let them know where they can find you on Instagram.

Final Thoughts

All in all – we’ve learned that real Instagram followers are not easy to get. You have to be consistent, patient, start slowly and be persistent. Be honest with yourself, and then move forward in a logical manner. But before anything else, ensure that your business has an active presence on Instagram, and prove that you are worth following.

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