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How to Prepare Your Gutters for a Home Sale in San Diego, California

Selling a home anywhere in the country can come with a set of challenges. This is especially true if you find that your property needs a bit of fixing up before it can be sold. If you haven’t checked out your home’s gutters in some time, it might be worth inspecting them. While gutters aren’t necessarily the most glamorous, they are a major component to keeping your home from water damage or flooding. Many top real estate agents in San Diego, California would agree on the importance of tending to your gutters before you sell your home. Here are some tips for doing so.

Make Sure they Are Cleaned Out

No gutter is going to work properly if leaves and other debris are blocking water from flowing freely. Cleaning your gutters is the first step you should take in making sure that they are functioning properly. Go through the entirety of your gutter system to remove any objects that don’t belong there. Be sure to practice safe practices while completing any project that requires the use of a ladder. 

Check for Dents, Rust, or Holes

Once your gutters are cleaned out, you’ll want to inspect your gutter system for any issues that can prevent it from functioning properly. Issues like rust, holes, or dents can lead to bigger issues down the road, like flooding. When you go through the gutter system, note how many problems it has. Then, you can make the decision to repair these issues if they’re minute or do a total replacement. 

Inspect if Downspouts are Working Properly

Downspouts are the features on your gutter that move water away from your home and prevent it from pooling too close to your home’s foundation. If the downspouts are broken or are not facing the proper way, they won’t be doing their job. Do a quick check to make sure that they are functioning well and set up in the way they should be.

Fix Areas that are Sagging

Not only are sagging gutters unsightly, they can also cause issues with proper water flow. If your gutters are sagging, there are a few steps to take to get them back to normal. First, you’ll want to remove all of the screws and spikes that attach your gutters to your roof’s fascia. Then, with a new set of gutter screws and spikes, reattach your gutter system to where it became detached. If this isn’t something you’re comfortable doing on your own, you can also hire a gutter repair company to come in and help you out!

Replace Outdated Gutters

Regardless of how well you maintain and clean your gutters, they’re going to endure quite a bit of wear and tear. Sometimes, it’s smarter to just replace your gutters instead of trying to fix them. If your gutters are on the older side, hire a local roofing company or contractor to install a fresh set for you.
Selling your home is going to be much easier if everything is intact, including your gutters. If your gutters need cleaning, mending, or replacing, you’ll want to put some work into them before you list your home on the market. Work with your real estate agent to come up with the best plan for your situation.

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