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How to Setup the Perfect Space for Studying

The place in which we choose to study affects our focus, as research has found. That means that a well-designed, decluttered room increases our concentration while a disorganized, inefficient study space might hinder our ability to record information. Factors such as noise, high/low temperatures, or discomfort should be limited in order to design an effective study room.

Your studying space is important when you’re a student. Since you spend most of your time at your desk, having a decluttered desk and an overall welcoming studying room is important. Here’s how you can design yours.


Pick one comfortable place

Pick a comfortable place for you and stick with it. The more you change environments, the more you’ll confuse your brain. Moving from place A to B (your room to the living room) and C (the closest coffee shop) can interrupt the studying process, as your brain must get used to new environments constantly, writes Jane Walton, CEO at Essay on Time. These sudden changes will take away from your brain’s ability to focus on the academic content; instead, it will focus on the changing surroundings.

Recreate the environment completely

To make sure that your studying abilities match your testing skills, you should recreate your environment. Make your studying space look more like a testing room. If you do so, your brain won’t be confused once it reaches the actual examination room, like Dan, a dissertation writing service expert argues. Your brain will be used to studying in a similar space, so it’ll focus on acing the exam rather than accommodating to the new environment. Stay tuned for more tips and tricks on how to improve your grades.

Get comfy – but not too comfy

While most remote workers prefer to dress in their pajamas, others stick to their business outfits. They say that dressing up as they would if they went to work helps them stay focused. When I worked for dissertation writing services, I never got out of my comfortable clothes. They helped me relax and conquer each day. In the end, the choice is yours to make – if you feel more comfortable wearing informal clothing, do so. If you feel more determined to study when wearing a suit, then choose that. But keep in mind that your clothes might influence your focus.

Use natural light

Reading under a fluorescent light for eight hours per day can be damaging to your health. This is why you should pick a space that offers natural light. Light brings vitality and warmth to a room and helps it become more welcoming. You’ll naturally feel more willing to study if you choose to use natural light rather than artificial.

Choose ambient noise

Music might help you focus but ambient noise beats that. Your mind can focus better without music. When you learn something, music can be counterproductive since lyrics can take your focus off the content. You should purchase a white noise maker and have it play in the background. Or, if you don’t want to invest in such a gadget, at least switch to classical music.

Buy plants

According to research conducted at NASA, nature can change the energy of your studying space. The more plants you’ve got on your desk (or around you while studying), the more positive and confident you’ll become. That being said, your mood will change, and productivity will improve.

Get rid of distractions

Turn off your phone, TV, tablet, social media, etc. Focus on your studies and leave everything else behind. If you want to contact a local essay writing service, do it from your computer. In fact, it’s best if you leave your smartphone in a separate room while you study. Switching your phone off can improve your focus since you won’t be distracted. 

Keep your space positive

Remember to keep your studying space decluttered, clean, and positive. You could hang pictures of your family and friends on the wall and tidy your space up regularly. The more you take care of your studying environment, the more it’ll help you stay focused.

Author Bio: Rosa Hemming is a blogger and professional content writing expert from the United States. She is keen on movies and serials. Her blog consists of lists of the best films divided by genre and for different moods.

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