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How to Start and Run Website

During the early days of the Internet, well-known companies, organizations, and media groups were the first to understand the new medium’s power and quickly built their websites. Today, many schools, civic groups, neighbourhoods and even individuals have their sites.


Steps to build a website

Buy Hosting

Contact a couple of web-hosting companies and ask to see their template and control panel. Today, many web hosting companies offer customers the option of using a simple template that allows them to insert text, graphics, hyperlinks, and the basic format they edit in the same way they would use a word processing document. The resulting web page does not have the professional touch, but it does allow a new website owner to start building their website on his own.

Purchase a domain name

Decide on the site name and see if anyone else uses that name. Look at the search options on domain name sites, such as godaddy, buydomains, or These searches will inform the website owner about the availability of a domain name he wants for his site. Once the site owner has chosen an available name, he can register the domain name, making him the name owner to build a website.

A website owner must renew his domain name every year. Some web hosting companies will help their customers navigate the domain name registration process as part of their web hosting services.

Map the website. 

Decide which web pages will make up the site. Set up a menu on the home page that allows site visitors to navigate the site easily. Place the desired material on the site, either by building the site independently with the web host’s web building tools or by using the services of a website graphics designer and builder. Create hyperlinks that encourage users to stay on the site and navigate from web page to web page.

Optimize the website to bring new visitors to see the site material

Establish social networking sites that connect to the site, and add friends to the site’s social networking page. Press releases and articles that include the URL of the writing website, then post them on content websites. Submit the URL of the directory website. Invest in pay-per-click and Adword advertising for the site. Make sure that the site’s metatags include all keywords, including misspelled keywords. Navigate here to learn do and don’t for website optimisation. 

Keep the site updated

Note when each site maintenance and update has taken place at the top of the site’s home page. This allows site visitors to see that the owner keeps current site information. 

Use SEO 

Meeting an SEO specialist is an important step. Search engine optimization can improve your site and save you time, but you risk damaging your site and your reputation. Many SEO professionals, agencies and consultants offer valuable services to website owners, including those listed below.

• Creative and attractive Content creation.

• Specific social media management

• In- deep Keyword analysis.

• Consulting in specific markets and regions.

Improving the position on Google search

Conclusion: Starting and running a successful website may seem daunting to a newbie. Still, with the help of a good web hosting company and some essential internet experts, newcomers can create and maintain a successful website.

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