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Hypnotherapy: what to do and what not?

Hypnotherapy is an added technique that any therapist uses with hypnosis to cure any psychological disease. It’s a trance-like state where people become hyper-aware of the inner world and become detached from the outer world. It is used for smoking addiction, any phobia, or to relieve some past trauma. 

As people are suffocated in their homes, sometimes lonely, hypnosis training and hypnotherapy training are gaining immense popularity. Nobody is happy with what’s happening outside, thus taking solace in their inner walls. It is a good tendency that everyone is being aware of inner peace, but all the glitter is not gold. 

Different types of hypnosis training:

  • Guided hypnosis: Different apps and websites use this technique. They provide music and other voice notes to guide you through your hypnosis training.
  • Self-hypnosis: It is when you yourself use hypnotic methods on your mind. 
  • Hypnotherapy: It is used by licensed psychologists to treat different alignments in psychotherapy. 

Benefits of hypnotherapy:  

Typically, when you are going through hypnosis training, they teach you to relax your mind. When we are confronting the battles of our inner soul, we must be absolutely at peace in our minds. And learn how to control and relax. One can expect some radical changes during the hypnotherapy session after session. The benefits of these sessions are,

  • Awareness: Many people say that they were fully aware of the session. They can clearly remember how the therapists talked to them about how it went, everything. They became super aware of their feelings, be it good or bad. This keen awareness comes with detachment from the outside, and inadvertently, we become “zone out”.
  • Increased focus: our mind is cluttered with all the different problems we have, but due to increased stress in our lifestyle, our mind is always wandering and never finding a solution. Sometimes we stare with our eyes open but never notice. Due to increased awareness, our minds can focus during this hypnotherapy training and declutter all the unnecessary noises. 
  • Relaxed mind: When your mind is in the hypnotic stage, your subconscious mind becomes active, and the chattering of the conscious mind becomes silent. As a result, you become more relaxed and a calm person. 

Concerns about hypnosis: 

Most professionally practising hypnosis often come across problems where someone is trying to self-hypnotise; they experience sleep paralysis or worse as they go to the hypnotism and cannot come back. These problems are legit. Thus, some things you should consider during hypnosis training.

  • It should not be done by very suggestible people and easily fall under the spell of words. Control of their life can falter. 
  • Sometimes, hypnosis training produces distorted memory because we make suggestions to our mind in a hyper receptive trance like stage.

It should not be used psychotic diseases like hallucinations or delusions. 

Hypnosis is widely used now for mental diseases. You should always consult someone professionally if you are seeking help. It is a highly beneficial therapeutic technique if you know how to use it. Some clinics and institutes provide hypnotherapy training online and judge all the stakes at hand before enrolling. Mind is like a dagger. If you don’t know how to use it, you may cut yourself easily.  

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