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Frames and photographs are how human beings preserve events and memories that mean a lot to them. Earlier, people used to cherish albums. These were big laminated bound books that could be stored. But later on, frames started taking centre stage.

Frames were inspired by early Victorian mirror borders that have intricate metal carvings on them. Today, from photo framing to jersey framing, several services offer high-quality products.

Australia has a rich history and market for framing. In the year 2017 – 2018, the framing market amounted to around $111.59 million!

What do we need to know about frames?

Frames are used for so many types of commodities. Glasses and lens have frames; construction sites have frames; even textile industries have structures. But a majority of revenue that comes from the framing industry depends on designer frames for photos. These frames come in several sizes and shapes. Here’s a list of frame types that one needs to know about:

  • Gallery Frames: These are the frames that one most commonly sees in art galleries or museums. They have an elevated frame that aims to create a frame-in-frame effect for the viewer. They usually come in different colours like teak or olive green. Artists suggest that these frames offer a more significant impact when three or four pieces placed alongside one another.
  • Floating Frames: These frames are state-of-the-art creations. They use glass or acrylic instead of classic wooden frames. This, in turn, makes the framed object look like it is floating on the wall–hence, the name. These are usually used as centrepiece frames as they offer immense depth and dimension.
  • Modern Frames: These are fan-favourite minimalist frames that add instant oomph to the walls. These frames come in thin metal, gold-plated or rustic woody designs to fit the vibe of your room. These are perfect for urban-industrial settings and add sophistication to any interior.
  • Deep-Set Frames:  In these frames, the framed object is small and centred. They are designed like a shadow box, with oversized frames and a lot of white space. It helps to draw attention to the central framed object. They are commonly used to display travel photos.
  • Canvas Frames: Canvas frames are different from average frames. They help project the framed object out of the wall. The canvas part of the inner frames is made of a high-quality cotton blend that provides a soft, aesthetic touch to the piece.

What can be framed?

The most common thing one can frame is pictures. These could be travel pictures, wedding pictures or even a picture of your pet! They are a way to retain memorable events fresh in print! However, recently there has been an increase in jersey framing.

Jersey framing is the framing of jerseys. Many sports lovers love it when they get a signed jersey from their idols. Many movie fanatics love buying movie merchandise and get it signed by their favourite celebrities. All of us would love to eternalise that memorabilia forever, and getting that jersey framed is one unique way to do it!

Unlike the frames one finds in art galleries, these frames can be customised online! Many online platforms now provide the option of letting their customers design their frames to give them a personalised touch.

Another quirky feature of jersey frames is the inclusion of multiple photos and plaques. Typically, a regular photo frame will have a single image or collage of equally distributed pictures. But in jersey frames, the centre stage is taken by the jersey itself, whereas the extended frame spaces include other related images–like a picture of you wearing the jersey!

Written by Mari, a content writer at Memorial Stationery who has written on stationery kinds of stuff. In her spare time, she enjoys singing, sketching, cooking, and video games.

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