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Smart Tactics to Take Your Instagram Fashion Blog to the Next Level

With its complete focus on visuals, it is not surprising to find Instagram as the social media platform of choice by countless fashion brands, fashion retailers, and fashion bloggers, and influencers. The number of monthly active users of Instagram has crossed one billion. Given that a large number of them are young and affluent, it has prompted innumerable fashion bloggers to make Instagram their home. Despite many people using Instagram to seek information and learn about new products and services, it is, still a stiff challenge for fashion bloggers to acquire a large following that elevates them to the status of a credible fashion influencer. Some tips from the pros on making your Instagram fashion account popular:


Fashion Blog Strategies for Instagram

Create Your Distinctive Style

Given the intense competition among fashion bloggers and brands on Instagram, users have become more discerning about the relevance, originality, and quality of the photos they see on their Instagram feeds. In addition to crafting compelling content, you also need to evolve a distinctive personal style that you can use to tie in all your posts and create the desired recognizability and memorability. Use a careful selection of the color palette evocative of your brand logo; you will need to create photos imbued with personality and character that is distinctively yours. By maintaining consistency in your approach to the visual composition, lighting, and editing, you will be able to deliver a constant experience to your followers. It is a big incentive for users to follow you since they know what you will deliver in the future.

Adopt a Consistent Posting Schedule

More than posting frequently, posting consistently on Instagram is important to build a following. Do not try to flood the feeds of your users by posting a large number of times but rather, think had regarding the value you are going to achieve with your post and line up your content so that you can post according to a regular schedule. If you are posting one a day or once every week, make it a habit so that users will not be disappointed if they are watching out for your posts. By posting irregularly, even your loyal fans will find it hard to view your posts, and with time lose interest in you. You should try to establish the time and the days of the week when your followers are most receptive to your posts and then form a schedule to serve them with your content according to that. To do it painlessly, you can use one of the many available Instagram post scheduling tools that will publish your posts automatically as per your instructions. According to Forbes, using a post scheduler helps marketers to manage large volumes of content with ease.

Interact and Engage Your Followers

To be successful on social media, you need to be social. It means that not only do you need to post content that is interesting and relevant to your target audience but also you need to engage with them to build a community of loyal fans. Since your followers will want to know what kind of a person you are and what your fashion inspiration and motivation are, you need to narrate your personal experiences. Responding to the comments, observations, and even complaints promptly will convince them that you are serious about the relationship and your involvement in the fashion industry. Running contests of various kinds, especially ones that encourage users to post their content or use your branded hashtags is especially effective as is giving away freebies. Building engagement takes time, so if you are in a hurry, it can help to buy real Instagram comments from social marketing agencies.

Use Nifty Captions

While your fashion photos will be doing the heavy lifting in your Instagram account, you can increase the level of engagement significantly by using well-constructed narrations to put the context in place so that your followers can relate better to the content. The captions are also very useful for showing off your understanding of fashion as well as your personality. Find your distinctive style and stick with it to make it a part of your appeal. Try not to use long sentences, be precise and accurate but soften it up by using humor. Include a CTA to get your followers to do something important to you.


No discussion on increasing the popularity of your Instagram fashion account can be complete with mentioning the strategic use of hashtags. Use a clever mix of the trending and popular ones and those that are very specific like branded hashtags for the best visibility of your posts. Keep the post looking clean by using only select hashtags in the post and include the rest in a comment, if you want. Don’t only stick to posting photos but try to post video content on Stories and watch your engagement rate go through the roof.

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