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Instagram Stories: 4 Reasons Why Every Business Should Attain Engagement Potential

Instagram stories were introduced in 2016, and it’s similar to the Snapchat app. After a few days, Instagram overtakes its competitors by constantly introducing features to keep IG users more engaged on the network. 


Here the question is, why should businesses utilize Instagram stories?

Instagram stories are the perfect way to engage & interact with other followers and users. According to research, the average human attention span is said to be between 8 to 12 seconds. It helps Instagram stories a lot because it’s a 15-second short-term video format. On the other hand, it perfectly suits mobile devices. It is a vertical video format, unlike other posts on the platform. Finally, Instagram stories disappear after a day of posting, so you don’t need to worry about your overall feed theme.

Here are the four straightforward reasons why businesses should attain engagement of Instagram stories:

Instagram Allows To Upload Distinct Content

You could upload various content on Instagram stories. You could upload anything you need without worrying about your Instagram feed’s aesthetic or theme. Are you introducing a new service or product? Do you need to provide your fans a BTS(Behind The Scenes) of your workspace? Looking for an Instagram story takeover? Announcing your recent contest winner? From fun things to promotional content, posting consistently helps your brand and Instagram story fresh. Craft content that would maintain your fans coming back again and again.

Instagram Helps Building Audience For Businesses

Search regularly as a business to find out the perfect ways to build your audience. If you choose the best social media network for your business, Instagram stands in front as it effectively increases brand awareness. Instagram introduced various features for businesses and brands to reach a maximum potential audience within a few days.

Utilize Location Tags

You could add location tags to your story’s content on Instagram to bring your brand or business more discoverable globally or locally. If you tag a particular city, country, or location, it’s a perfect way to attain various demographics.

Utilize Hashtags

Also, you could include different hashtags relevant to your content to boost your profile searchability and its content among your IG audience. It’s just like adding the hashtags in the comments section or captions of your regular Instagram feed posts. 

Instagram Makes Businesses To Interact With Their Target Followers Regularly

Instagram’s majority users are the millennials, and to keep this generation engaged requires time, effort, and commitment. It is crucial to know how to converse with millennials to engage with them effectively on social media. Luckily, Instagram introduces new story features for you to:

Use A Poll Feature

Utilizing a poll feature on Instagram stories brings more audience interaction and helps in gaining engagement. Also, it’s a perfect way to get info and monitor what your target audience & followers like the most(and don’t like).

Ask Questions Or Bring Your Fans To Ask You Questions

A new Instagram story feature, “Ask Me Anything,” is the perfect way to engage & interact with your fans. You could either ask a question to your audience or bring them to ask you questions they want. The perfect thing about this new feature is that your fans can know your brand or products well. Also, on the other side, you can learn more about your audience. It is a win-win solution.

 Tag Other People

You could also bring up the same factor with Instagram stories as you tag other IG users on your feed posts. Tagging other influencers, brands or businesses increases the views for your Instagram stories, search visibility and reaches the maximum target audience. If you tag other users in your Instagram story content, they are more likely to re-sharing your story content – ultimately, it helps in doubling your reach within a short time.

Instagram Gains Traffic To Sites

Also, you could use Instagram stories effectively for your brand via uploading content that gets traffic to your site. If you do an eCommerce business, you could get fans to purchase the products on your sites. A study concluded that most Instagram users plan to purchase products via seeing them in Instagram stories. Instagram launched this shopping feature on stories recently, with the primary goal of extending their reach. This new feature exists businesses to:

 Explore The Shopping

It brings the users to select items on your IG story and purchase selected items on your website. The product stickers on Instagram help the audience to access product info quickly.

Integrate “Swipe Up” Feature

Utilize the Instagram stories Swipe Up feature if you wish to attain massive traffic to your site. By integrating eye-catching and effective CTA(Call To Actions), you could utilize this feature to get fans to your landing pages, blogs, and more.

Summing Up

I hope you have learned many tips to use Instagram stories effectively for your business. Stories are crucial factors you must include in your social media strategy, especially if you are using Instagram effectively. Though it looks similar to Snapchat, Instagram stories are better than anything. So businesses could take full advantage of Instagram stories to engage with their target audience.

Author Bio

Mary Kyle is a content developer and marketing manager who works at Snaphappen. She has written more trending articles on social media and has a handful of experience in delivering engaging content.

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