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Why Should Homeowners Install Metal Roofs?

Once found only on factories and barns, metal roofs have become an increasingly common sight on the area’s homes over the last few years. There are a few reasons for the change, with cost being the most notable. While the price of asphalt shingles has increased, the cost of metal roofing has remained constant.

Furthermore, metal roofing has been available for many years now, and it’s gained a reputation as a great investment for local homeowners. Before installing metal roofing on a home, consider the following facts and call the experts at Erie Home for a no-obligation consultation.


A Metal Roof is an Eco-Friendly Option

Metal roofing is one of today’s most sustainable options. Most panels are made of recycled materials—up to 95% in many cases! These materials can be endlessly recycled. As most are made of aluminum, copper, or steel, panels can easily be melted down and used to make other products.

Additionally, metal roofing reduces the cost of cooling or heating a home. The materials reflect heat instead of absorbing it, which may help a homeowner save upwards of 35% on their monthly energy bill. Not only will a metal roof help reduce your family’s carbon footprint, but it will also use recycled materials to their fullest potential. Metal roofs last much longer than other options, which means their creation and installation have less of an environmental impact.

They’re Built to Last

As touched upon in the previous section, metal roofs are very durable. Some can withstand winds of 200 miles per hour as well as impacts from flying debris, which makes metal roofing a great choice in areas prone to tornadoes and hurricanes. These roofs are also incredibly fire-resistant. Because metal doesn’t burn, there’s no need to worry about the roof catching on fire if it’s struck by lightning. Its impact, fire, and wind resistance make metal roofing a practical, reliable choice for today’s homeowners.

Metal Roofs Allow for Better Ventilation

When homeowners install metal roofs, they ensure proper ventilation throughout the attic. According to the Department of Energy, a roof’s efficacy drops when insulation and ventilation are of low quality. In humid areas, roof ventilation is crucial, and metal roofing makes it easier to achieve. Learn more by scheduling a consultation with one of our roof designers today.

Work With the Right Roofer

While these points are good to consider, they won’t be of much help if the roof is not installed the right way. Only the area’s most reliable roofers can offer your home complete protection from wind, sun, and rain. Though metal roofs can last for decades, there’s more of a chance of problems when installers take shortcuts. Therefore, it’s important to pick the right contractor when installing a metal roof.

When you’re looking for ways to improve your home’s style and appearance while protecting it from the elements, a metal roof is a great starting point. Get in touch with us via our online form or call today to schedule a consultation with a licensed roofer.

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