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Is it possible to make a light bulb flicker like a gas flame?

Be it on your porch, patio, or dining space – a light bulb only creates a pleasant atmosphere by its presence. You can boost your home’s curb appeal by adding flame lighting bulbs. Those light bulbs look like flames.

The warm presence of those light bulbs can add a cozy ambiance to any part of your home. Those light bulbs flicker like gas flames and generate authentic flame-like light. And the flame is 100% safe.

Besides, you can easily create that unique environment by buying a flame light bulb at a low cost. They fit well in vintage classic style places like home interiors, castles, villas, outdoor gardens, hotels, wedding venues, etc.


What’s Inside a Flame Light Bulb?

Basically, flame light bulbs use LED technology to create that flaming-looking light. It means these bulbs have LED inside. Depending on the bulb size, these bulbs can have an average of 100 LEDs attached to a flexible plastic sheet.

Then, an aluminum cylinder with thermally conductive tape is mounted on the LED matrixes. These LED flame light bulbs can fit into standard light fixtures as well as candelabra bulbs.

Flame light bulbs can run on multiple light modes. Thus, they create different shades and looks. They produce animated effects inside and an exciting flickering warm glow.

How does A Flame Light Bulb Flicker Like a Gas Flame?

The power comes via the screw base and passes through the power supply. Then, it alters 120VAC line power to the DC power of lower voltage. The LEDs require this low voltage DC power to ignite. The LEDs get the power.

Then, the LET controller ignites the LEDs in patterns that produce a flame-like effect. The pattern basically stimulates the rising pattern of the fire. Some flame light bulbs feature millions of patterns that ensure no repetitions of flames. But, mostly, they repeat the same pattern every few seconds.

Things to Keep in Mind While Buying a Flame Light Bulb

No matter where you install the flame light bulb, you must consider a few things before buying it. So, you can get the right one to replace the standard bulb. Read on to learn more about them.

What is the base size?

Flame light bulbs come in several base sizes. The base size determines in which fixture the light bulb will fit. However, the E26 and E12 are the two most common base sizes of flame light bulbs.

E26 bulbs are commonly used for porch, garage, and many other lights as it fits in standard light fixtures. Conversely, E12 bulbs have a candelabra base, so they will fit in most chandelier-type lamps.

What is the bulb size and shape?

The size of the flame light bulbs varies with their base sizes. Mostly, they come in sizes between 4-inch and 6-inch high and 2.5-inch diameters. Some light bulbs can be as narrow as 1.5″ in diameter. Those thinner flame lights are perfect for porch lamps.

The standard shape of flame light bulbs is cylindrical. Cylindrical-shaped flame lights are pretty different than standard LED bulbs. However, the cylindrical shape of the flame light bulbs imitates the look of a flame.

How bright are the flame light bulbs?

Generally, flame light bulbs are somewhat dimmer than a standard LED light bulb. It is because of the animation effect inside the flame light bulbs. The flickering effects add ambiance to the aesthetic of the indoor or outdoor space.

Besides that, it requires providing enough brightness needed for visibility. Porch lights or patio lights, primarily, must provide ample illumination for visibility at night. On average, a flame light can produce 80 to 300 lumens.

Mainly, it will produce 100 lumens that are bright enough to light the porch or patio. These units use 2 watts of power. Some generate more than 300 lumens which use 6 watts of energy.

How about the lighting modes?

Some flame light bulbs offer a steady light mode besides the flame effect. Those require to switch the mode by tapping the light after a specific time. Flame light bulbs also offer breathing mode and flaming mode.

In the breathing mode, the bulb’s brightness gradually dims and brightens to mimic the flame. It generates a more delicate look of a flame. Lastly, in the flaming mode, the bulb simulates the live flame.

How long does a flame light bulb last?

Smaller flame lights that use 2 watts will last up to 60,000 hours. On the other hand, large flame bulbs that use 6 watts will last around 30,000 hours. Because of the low energy, smaller bulbs are energy-efficient and last longer.

Wrap Up!

Flame light bulbs are a revolutionary rise of those typical LED light bulbs. They offer quite a convincing gas-like flame effect and can add a warm ambiance to any situation. Overall, they are a curb appeal win for sure!

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