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Is Self Care Possible With Online Home Plant Delivery

Many people today don’t have the time to indulge in wellness or self-care regimens but are trying to implement regimens into their schedules that encourage a sense of well-being. The atmosphere surrounding us can play a substantial part in mental wellness, and in turn, physical well-being, meaning incorporating some of nature into that environment, is essential.

Whether to have plant delivery to add to the home aesthetic or bring life to your office (or both), the varied options of herbs, plants, and flowers offer a renewed clarity to the mind, not to mention the air quality. Plus, they lift the mood for the entire space.

Spending time nurturing foliage can decrease stress and watching these grow while witnessing buds form has the potential to enhance self-confidence and boost self-esteem.

The best thing is gardeners have to spend time away from electronics to ideally care for plants, giving one-on-one time with nature and “mindfulness” or time in the present. Let’s look at a few of the plants homeowners can have delivered to their residences to decrease anxiety and stresses.


Indulge In Self-Care With Online Home Plant Delivery

Stress is prevalent in today’s world, with many people looking for natural remedies to alleviate their pressures and anxiety. The most healthy options you can choose to help with mental wellness are plants, flowers, and herbs. These can not only keep pests away from the household but can provide calm for the mind and periods of relaxation while caring for the foliage. Find out how to properly nurture “foliage” at

These are an excellent aesthetic addition to a home, but they also benefit the air quality plus mood, each doing so in numerous different ways. Let’s look at a few varieties to see what adding them to the home can do for the environment.

●    Lavender and snake plants

Not only are plants beneficial in enhancing mood and the quality of the air we breathe, but the foliage is responsible for aiding anxiety symptoms. Two plants, in particular, have these specific qualities in lavender and the snake plants.

  1. Lavender:  The plant has potent stress-reducing qualities since it boasts the capacity to lower blood pressure and slow the pace of the heart rate helping to decrease the tension. That’s one of the reasons you can often find the fragrance in many skincare products and perfumes.
  2. Snake plant: There are similar qualities with this foliage in decreasing anxiety, plus it boasts the capacity to help those with respiratory issues and can “cure” headache symptomatology.

●    Basil and mint

If pests are causing stress within your household, these herbs offer a natural solution to keeping the creatures away due to their scent. Mint is a powerful repellent since it provides an especially pungent odor that mosquitoes especially dislike. Mice are also not a fan.

Basil is something many homeowners plant around throughout the household, especially around entryways, to prevent insects from coming in through windows, doors, even cracks and crevices in walls.

●    Jasmine and aloe vera

If you’re someone with disrupted sleep patterns, the suggestion is to grow container jasmine or aloe vera in your room as a natural solution to relax and doze off. The jasmine flower notes to offer a very soft scent capable of bringing a sense of calm to the body, while the aloe vera plant brings oxygen into the environment to battle episodes of insomnia plus helps enhance the quality of overall sleep.

●    Peace lilies and rubber plants

Each of these is popular for purifying the air. Using plants like these throughout the household can help clear the interior air and create a much healthier space for you and your family.

The longer you have the rubber tree plan, the more efficient it becomes with its cleansing performance. These are especially beneficial with the removal of harsh toxins. An example would be formaldehyde if you were working in a lab or with chemicals.

The peace lily boasts the capacity to enhance the quality in the air by as high as over 50 percent with the added benefit of creating a relaxing and tranquil environment as their namesake would reveal.

●    Golden pothos and bamboo palm

The workplace has always been an ideal place to keep plants. For one thing, it brings nature into the office since staff can’t break away to enjoy the outdoors throughout the week. The suggestion is foliage can actually increase productivity levels whether working in a business office or from home.

Two plants suggested for the desktop are the golden pothos and the bamboo palm. The golden pothos notes to eliminate toxins from the air plus has the capacity to remove foul odors from the environment. The bamboo palm helps to battle pollutants in the air, which allows mental clarity and smoother breathing capacity.

Final Thought

Plants, herbs, and flowers all have the ability to help in some way with wellness and the overall environment.

They’re a natural, safe way to boost mood, help reduce stress, and relax the body. Some boast (do due diligence with research) holistic qualities as aids for symptoms of certain health issues like coughs, infections, and other minor problems. At the same time, many can help with the quality of the interior air we breathe.

For those who don’t have the fortune of having house plants or potted/container plants in the office, look online for one of these or another perfect companion plant to start your indoor garden. Go here for mistakes to avoid when buying plants online.

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