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Is Your Child Suffering from Intellectual Disability?

Caregivers must monitor the physical and mental health of the child. If they exhibit symptoms such as problems in communicating and seizures, then they must consult the best psychiatrist in Lahore. The specialist will conduct relevant psychological tests to diagnose the illness and the severity of the condition. The intervention helps the child get better. It will help the individuals perform adequately in personal, academic, and professional life.

Intellectual disability refers to low intelligence in comparison to other individuals of the same age group.

The individual suffers in maintaining a healthy relationship with peers and family members which may lead to further complications. The symptoms of intellectual disability include:

  • The caregivers can notice that the child has delayed speech and does not respond well to others.
  • The caregivers can notice behavioral issues. The child remains agitated and has extreme mood swings.
  • The child struggles in school and is a slow learner. Due to slow learning, the child may not exhibit progress in academic life, inducing anxiety and socializing problems.
  • The caregivers have to suffer from explosive tantrums.
  • The child cannot remember things like other children of the same age group.
  • The child experiences hearing problems.
  • The child suffers from seizures, which affect their physical health.
  • The child suffers from anxiety and mood disorders that affect their everyday functioning.

Known Causes

The causes that correlate with the condition are:

  • The child suffering from Down syndrome is more likely to suffer from multiple disorders, including intellectual disability.
  • If the mother suffers from preeclampsia or infection during the pregnancy, the child is more prone to suffer from intellectual disability.
  • If the child is oxygen-deprived during the delivery, then the caregivers may notice the symptoms of intellectual disability during the school years.
  • A head injury/trauma can lead to intellectual disability along with memory loss.
  • Children with low body weight are at a higher risk of suffering from physical and psychological problems. It includes intellectual disability.
  • Children diagnosed with measles and meningitis should be provided with immediate medical attention, or the child may suffer from complications, such as intellectual disability.

Preventive Measures

The ways to prevent the child to suffer from intellectual disability include:

  • The mother should eradicate the habit of consuming alcohol during the pregnancy to avoid complications.
  • The couple should undergo genetic testing to avoid complications.
  • The caregivers should be vigilant regarding the vaccination of the child. Timely vaccination help fight against deadly infections.


The child may suffer from multiple psychological disorders due to intellectual disability. The conditions that correlate with the condition include:

  • The child remains anxious due to a lack of communication with peers and family members. The child cannot make friends and feel humiliated by others, which induces anxiousness leading to depression.
  • The child is more prone to suffer from bipolar disorder and ADHD.


The tests that assist in diagnosing a child with a learning disability include:

  • Blood testing: The child may suffer from the condition due to infection. The testing helps determine the cause of the disorder.
  • EEG: The test helps confirm that the child suffers from seizures that correlate with the condition.
  • Neurological Testing: The tests help determine the severity of the condition and rule out the possibility of other neurological disorders.
  • Genetic Testing: The test help determine; if the child may be suffering from down syndrome, which may have led to intellectual disability.


The therapy helps the child function adequately and effectively communicate with others. Family therapy helps the caregivers to cope with the child and help them feel better to avoid complications.

Caregivers can contact Dr. Nusrat Habib Rana psychiatrist to discuss their child’s condition. The specialist will guide them regarding the therapy; that can help the child feel better. Additionally, the doctor will guide them regarding the complications and severity of the condition.

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