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Jeep Must Have Aftermarket Upgrades for Summer 2022

Customization is a time-honored tradition amongst Jeep owners. As seasons change and you embark on new adventures, nothing is more fun than investing in upgrades that can turn your Jeep into a whole new vehicle. That’s why so many Jeepers anxiously await summer and look forward to all of the accessories they can add to enjoy warmer weather. Whether you’re shopping for a TJ hardtop or a new windshield, you should check out these top aftermarket upgrades that are poised to be a big hit this summer. With the right accessories, you’ll be ready to hit the road — or venture off-road and follow the unpaved path ahead.

New Roofs

There are few parts of a Jeep more important than its roof. You may prefer a hardtop like the aforementioned TJ model, and indeed, these offer many benefits. A hardtop roof is typically more durable than its softtop counterpart, and it may also be more resistant to damage from the elements. The latter of these features is important to consider if you plan on doing any summertime off-roading in areas where there may be cramped spaces or tumbling rocks from overhead — conditions that may emerge if you enjoy rock climbing. In both cases, a hardtop roof is likely the better option for your needs — and better for your safety.

This isn’t to say that softtop roofs don’t come with their own appeal, though. Many Jeepers love softtops because they’re versatile, they’re flexible, and they can easily be rolled back to reveal the sunny skies above. If you want to remove your Jeep’s roof completely and feel the full force of the summer breeze, a softtop makes it easy to do so. Because they’re made from fabric, you can simply fold it up and store it in your Jeep. Hardtops, on the other hand, are typically quite laborious to put on and take off.

Upgrading Suspension Kits

Summertime is also a great opportunity to upgrade your Jeep’s suspension. Choose from an array of options such as Fox suspension kits to find a kit that meets your needs. Different kits feature different parts, so you should review all options carefully. Generally, though, a suspension kit includes either shocks or springs along with new bushings and hardware to mount the parts. By upgrading these parts on your Jeep, you can affect the way it feels on the road — or off-road — and customize the level of control you have over its navigation.

For the sake of safety, it’s always a good idea to take a friend along with you on off-road excursions — and to have some company, too. Inviting a friend to tag along is beneficial because they can help if you end up stuck in a challenging situation. If you go rock-climbing and a boulder traps your tire, for example, you’ll need a friend with a Smittybilt X20 10K to help haul you out. A winch is one of the best investments you can make in your safety.

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