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Kitchen Renovation: 7 Simple Steps

We all want to keep up with the world, which implies our way of living. Everybody wants their home to be outstanding, which requires renovation from time to time. Renovation can be a hectic task, although it does not seem like it. 

Especially when it’s the kitchen, the renovation can be something you need to clear your schedule. The kitchen renovation requires the whole plan. In this article, we will tell you all the basic steps for remodeling your kitchen. 

Hire the professional 

Renovation can be something that requires some skills so we will suggest you hire a professional like Bloq Bathrooms and Kitchens especially when you are looking forward to renovating your kitchen. They are very cost-efficient, and they are more likely to do the job correctly and make your kitchen up to standards.

Demolishing your previous structure 

So the first step is pretty obvious: you need to demolish your previous structure. This can be a bit noisy and frustrating. It requires hard work regardless of whether you are hiring the contractor or doing it yourself. 

 It is not a most complicated task however while doing so you need to take some precautions or wear some safety equipment so that you are not harmed in any way. 

You also need to make sure you’re handling it well so that you may need a rolling dumpster or any other way so that you can dispose of your appliances properly.  

Kitchen Structural Build-Out

As soon as you get done with demolishing you need to build the structural layout of the kitchen. This is a major task and is very necessary since the entire framework is going to be dependent on this. 

Structural build-up means how you are planning to make changes in your kitchen like are you removing windows for extra cabinet space or adding for better airflow. This also includes the addition of space for the appliances like fridge, baking oven, etc

Many competent DIYers may conduct their framing work by following the building blueprints that were established during the design stages.

Plumbing and  Wiring 

The next step requires the professional. After doing the structural build-up you need to go deep inside the kitchen. We need to pull out all the old piping and wiring and install a new one. 

These tasks can’t be done by DIYers and you require a couple of licensed plumbers and electricians. Let’s say you are doing it yourself it will be a slow process. 

Moreover, it can be dangerous since it requires electrical work one wrong move can be dead plus there are more chances that they do it better. 

Finish Walls and Ceilings

Once you get done with plumbing and wiring times to do work on walls and ceiling. You will be insulating the fiberglass on the outside of the wall. This will create a gap in the wall where you can install the installation. 

Now you will apply the drywall and make sure that they are stuck to the wall well. Now paint the wall and if the ceiling has texture then texture the walls too. 

All of these tasks are something you can do yourself so it’s better you do it moreover, it can be fun too. However, it can take some time so if you don’t have time you can always hire a pro. 

Install Flooring

Installing a floor is the second last step before you see your new-looking kitchen. It is often reserved for the wear and tear stage. 

The time for the installation of the floor depends on what type of floor you choose.

Sheet vinyl 

This type of flooring is very cheap and can be done very quickly and you can do it yourself. 

Ceramic tile 

It can be a tricky task and can require skills since you need to lay the cement lining to stick your tiles to. Moreover, it is expensive since it requires labor. 

Engineered wood 

It is also very cheap and you just need to install the wooden planks. You can also install it yourself.  

Laminate flooring 

It is also cheap and easy to install which makes it very popular for the flooring of the kitchen floor. However, it is not recommended for the moist area. 

Solid hardwood

This type of floor is not suggested although it looks so beautiful. If you don’t mop the floor often the water can wrap it. It can be done in 3 days and laying this type of floor is not an easy task. 

Install Cabinets and Countertops

Finally, you will install the cabinets and countertops. This task requires a lot of patience and there is no way you can do this task without any help. 

Although it appears to be a simple task, installing countertops is more difficult than it appears. Tile experts, who may also be installing your ceramic tile floor, are usually the ideal choice for installing ceramic tile worktops. 

If you’re utilizing synthetic materials like Siltstone, Formica, or Corian, you might not be able to do it yourself because these materials are tough to come by.

Countertops should be installed perfectly so that they are flat and level. Plus they should be aligned with the cabinet as well.

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