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List of Healthy Foods That Make You Hungry

Not all foods that we consider dietary are healthy! Although they are tasty, nutritious, and low in calories, they have one insidious property. And that is, they provoke hunger immediately after consumption. Let’s find out which dietary foods make you feel hungry.


Healthy Foods That Whet Your Appetite

Unsweetened breakfast cereal, fresh berries, fruit slices, and natural yogurt are all healthy. If this is how you imagined the perfect breakfast, we can upset you. Such a rich set of products is something that does not satisfy hunger, but on the contrary, it stimulates appetite more. Why are healthy diet foods rarely satisfying? And what do you really need to eat to be healthy, full, and slim?

1. Dry Breakfasts: Cereals, Muesli, Bars

Today everyone knows that fast breakfasts are not good for health and figure. Therefore, for the morning meal, everyone tries to choose healthy foods processed in such a way that they retain the maximum of nutrients. Thin slices of flakes seem like a win-win.

But even if they do not contain additives and sweeteners that can negate the achievements of the diet, it is better to refuse them for losing weight. Recent studies revealed that the less water in food, the less it saturates the body. That’s why a dry snack will never match the satiety of a porridge. The ideal breakfast option is oatmeal cooked in water or milk.

2. Red Wine

One glass at dinner is allowed to be consumed by many nutrition systems. This is because high-quality wine enriches the body with antioxidants and polyphenols. But at the same time, this fragrant drink makes a person lose control. If you get high on alcohol, it is unlikely that you will follow healthy eating rules.

Besides, excessive consumption of alcoholic beverages can do more harm than good to your body. So if you have developed an addiction and want to stay healthy, you must look for a way out. The first step towards an alcohol-free life is getting detox treatment.

In this treatment, you will be treated with alcohol and drug detox medications that will ease withdrawal symptoms. Do not worry; such treatment is totally under the supervision of experts. It will help you get sober and quit wine and other such beverages.

3. Berries, Fruits, And Dried Fruits

Fresh berries, fruits, and dried fruits are the most useful and easily accessible sources of vitamins, antioxidants, and important minerals for us. But at the same time, you should not use them as the main meal! This is a great dessert and a healthy snack, but not a full meal.

The fact is that most of the fresh sweet fruits have high sugar content. They get absorbed so quickly that the body simply does not have time to experience full saturation. If you want to prolong the feeling of satiety – add nuts to the dessert!

4. Sushi And Rolls

Fans of Japanese cuisine will be disappointed. Sushi and rolls, which are presented today in catering outlets, will not please you with a long-term feeling of fullness. The fact is that the recipes include polished white rice, which contains almost no fiber – only 2 g / 100 g of the product. Therefore, it does not saturate the body. 

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In addition, manufacturers supplement the dish with soy sauce, which is usually rich in sugar. This causes a natural reaction – an increase in blood glucose and its rapid decrease, causing increased appetite! If you want to pick up a hearty dinner, choose dishes with brown rice and sufficient content of seafood.

5. Salads From Fresh Vegetables And Herbs

Fresh vegetables from the garden and your favorite greens make the simplest. But it is unlikely that it will please those who are losing weight during a diet. This alternative to fatty and unhealthy fast food causes a treacherous rumbling in the stomach. The fact is that unbalanced meals rarely give a feeling of satiety. They can be healthy, but not enough to fill the stomach.

How to cook a salad that will satisfy your hunger? Add proteins (like salmon, chicken, or cheese), a serving of whole grains, and healthy fats to your salad. It will make your salad tasty and will also make you full.

6. Natural Juices

Freshly squeezed juices are unlikely to be used as the main meal of the day. But in the form of a snack, they can lead to unwanted reactions during the diet. Juices have a high content of natural sugars and almost no fiber (even if the juice is with pulp).

So it increases blood glucose and whets the appetite. To balance glucose levels in the body, make thick smoothies with a combination of several types of fruits and vegetables at once. You can even complement snacks with protein powder or nut butter. 

7. Sauces: Salsa, Pesto, Guacamole

The world-famous sauces are not as good for a diet as we previously thought. They can decorate the most insipid diet dish but at the same time provoke hunger. Recent studies by scientists claim that the more flavors in a meal, the more likely it is to cause overeating. The most dangerous diet foods are varied in taste. This does not mean that they cannot be eaten in principle, just limit yourself to the allowed volume of the plate and do not overeat!

8. Yogurts

Store shelves are completely lined with beautiful jars, full of names “fat-free,” “0%”, “for a slim figure,” etc. First, not all yogurts are beneficial. Most commercial yogurts contain colorants and preservatives, which often cause stomach and digestive problems.

Secondly, absolutely all store-bought yogurts contain sweeteners, thanks to which you risk getting a sharp jump in blood sugar. Of course, for a while, you will feel full, but when the sugar level begins to return to normal. And the brain will receive a signal that you want to snack again.

We mentioned a list of foods that may be increasing you hunger and causing overeating. You need to carefully remove them from your diet to have a slim figure.

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