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Local SEO Facts All Businesses Need to Know

Dallas is currently one of the best cities in the US to start and run a business. Those who choose to open an enterprise in the third-largest city in Texas do not collect state income tax and enjoy lower unemployment rates. Aside from these perks, successful business owners in the city usually have more knowledge about the local market. However, they still need to boost their online presence to reach out to their target audience, so local SEO is still recommended to promote their business. This strategy from SEO Dallas firms allows businesses to have a better online reputation. 

Digital marketing experts understand the advantages brought by local searches for small businesses. According to research, 46% of all searches on Google are intended to find local information about something that online users are searching for. It means that if you want your business to stay relevant in your industry, you need to know why local SEO should be part of your marketing plan. 

What Does Local SEO Mean? 

Local SEO simply means the strategy used to optimise your brand’s online presence to boost your visibility on search engines for the local users. 

According to another study published by Forbes, 95% of people use mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to look for local information. The study also revealed that 61% of those who spent time on local online searches called the establishment that appeared on the search engine results pages. Meanwhile, 51% of them actually went to visit and engage with the business. 

This information means that local SEO allows businesses to attract the target audience’s attention in nearby locations. As a result, it will help you improve your brand awareness and encourage more local customers to invest in your products or services. 

Do You Need to Invest in Local SEO?

Every business benefits from local SEO, especially if they target a local client base. 

As a business owner, you need to keep in mind that local SEO can also help draw in more people based in areas outside your location. For example, businesses in the hospitality and food and beverage business can attract non-local visitors if they want to visit your restaurant or hotel from nearby places. These guests may visit your website organically if they want to know the directions towards your venue or if they want a heads up about your menu. 

Other industries that benefit from local SEO include medical practices, law firms, and other service industry staples like florists, hair salons, and local electricians. 

What are the Crucial Local SEO Ranking Factors? 

All SEO Dallas service providers know that local SEO can be successful if they incorporate the following factors in their strategies: 

  • Relevance – SEO experts can boost the site’s relevance to people’s searches by adding more detailed information. It will allow Google to understand your business better and match it to the most relevant user search. 
  • Distance – Google will determine the distance between the user and your business based on their search. If you indicate your location in the Google My Business listing, the search engine will include your business in the list of establishments in the user’s vicinity that is relevant to the search. 
  • Prominence – Your online reputation also affects your local search rankings. If your previous clients offer positive ratings and views about your brand, Google will consider it a factor in giving you a higher ranking. 

Boosting your local SEO strategies will help ensure that your business in Dallas will stand out against your competitors. It will also attract more local and non-local customers to increase your chances of having better revenues. 

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