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Lookah Seahorse Ceramic Coils


What are the Lookah seahorse ceramic coils?

Are you looking for some good-quality ceramic coil with better taste? Then look no further as we have brought a fantastic product for you. Let’s have a look at it! Lookah seahorse ceramic coils are a newly designed double ceramic coated coil at its tip. If we compare Lookah seahorse ceramic coil with the simple quartz coils, then you’ll get to know that it is far more concentrated and desirable than the previous one.

How to use Lookah ceramic coils?

These coils made of ceramic food-grade material are a place of the removable glass to let cool your dabs accurately before they hit upon your lungs. This pen-like feature is activated, and it has the usual five clicks, like on and off and the other three clicks, to alter the heat settings. Now you have to hold the button, dab the ceramic tip into concentrate and let it go inside you!

Lookah Seahorse Coil Features

With said that, Lookah coils contain some beautiful features that make this product more demanding and valuable. So, do you want to know more about the detailed features? Of course, you’ll, right? So, let’s stick around here!

Desirable taste

So let’s start with some of the tricks you should implement before dabbing with this ceramic tip. Thus when you start dabbing, you’ve to give its tip a heat initiative, some with gentle pressing a tiny amount of wax on the top opposite the concentrate. Now you must be curious to know that what will happen next. This trick will save your time as well as make your experience worthwhile with the Lookah seahorse.

510 thread cartridges

The Lookah seahorse, as the best coil of 2021, provides its users about 510 thread cartridges. But guess what, the fantastic thing about these thread cartridges is that they can replace them. Isn’t it wonderful, right?

Lookah seahorse accessories

You must have known about the various product series that Lookah launched, so you must be surprised to know that Lookah seahorse coils can fit in all the accessories and product series. Thus now you don’t have to buy different coils for different purposes as it is all in one multi-functional product.

Instructional manual

Here is a thing that most of the users are beginners, and they excite about its use. So for those unaware of the proper use and its working, Lookah seahorse replacement ceramic coils never leave them alone, and thus the developers have especially created an instructional guide for them. Hence these product series meet all your required needs, like your queries about:

“How to smoke wax without a rig”? And much more!

Therefore for full flavor dabbing, this will bring a fantastic experience and a more desirable flavor.


Lookah seahorse ceramic coils series contain a resistance of about 1.2 ohms, and thus it is the best product for use in this regard.

Jumbo pack

This Lookah seahorse pack contains about five coils in one pack, worth the price and users’ need.

Can use on the pro wax vaporizer

Another fantastic fact that will bring more joy for the users is that Lookah seahorse coils can utilize on the Lookah seahorse. Sounds relieving! These ceramic coils are far better for vaporization than that quartz coils.

Made of food-grade material

These pro replacement ceramic coils made of food-grade material, and so that’s it! All you need is here; thus, why look furthermore? This food-grade ceramic offers you to vape the concentrate from the container directly. On the bright side, it becomes easy to create dabs on the go.

Some Additional Tips for Using Pro Replacement Ceramic Coils

  • To make the ceramic reliable and more useable, ensure that you entirely burn the whole concentrate off the tip after every dab. So if you leave the concentrate inside the tips or airways, it will become hard, and it might be possible that the coil ruins out prematurely.
  • Don’t ever clean the tip of the ceramic with the cleaning brush or other liquid solvent. If you do so, then it can damage the tip. Hence take care of these points then your ceramic coils will last for a long.


So peeps! That’s all about Lookah seahorse ceramic coils, and you must now have enough knowledge about the working, functions, and performance of these coils along with the incredible features. Thus if you’re now satisfied with this product and want to own it, then what are you waiting for? Go and grab your favorite one now! Lookah coils will prove as a fantastic product that’ll cherish your experience. Remember to give us your feedback, and if you’ve any queries, you’re free to ask. Thank you!

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