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Mike Straumietis Discusses the Features of a Nutrient Calculator

Mike Straumietis, Founder and CEO of Advanced Nutrients, explains that the market share hydroponics holds among other indoor farming systems, not just in the United States but also internationally, is a key market trend to follow. For example, a 2017 Artemis survey found that over 47 percent of all indoor farming in the United States involves hydroponic farming. In agreement with this, 58 of the study’s participants claimed that hydroponic farms are more lucrative than other indoor farming techniques commonly used in the United States.


Using the Advanced Nutrients Calculator for Hydroponics

Mike Straumietis notes that your work is far from complete, even if you already have a quality hydroponic nutrient line. You will still need to plan out your plants’ feedings meticulously. This is where the guide helps. The Nutrient Calculator is one of the premium services that Advanced Nutrient offers. Below, Mike Straumietis goes over the fundamentals of utilizing the Advanced Nutrients Calculator for your hydroponics. Learn more about a nutrition calculator’s fundamental characteristics and specifications.

The basic factor is the Base PPM (parts per million) or EC (electronic conductivity). This identifies and measures the number of minerals the water already contains. The solution’s PPM and EC are also measured, while the EC indicates the salt concentration of the solution.

Mike Straumietis adds that the water includes minerals, most likely calcium if the PPM or EC begins with a number greater than 0. In farming terms, this is called “hard water,” meaning there won’t be much need for calcium.

The second factor is how different media react to nutrients, which can vary considerably. For instance, soil usually still contains residual nutrients. Rockwool, coco, and other inert forms of media, on the other hand, might not contain any nutrients.

Take note: Pay attention to the differences in each material’s cation exchange capacity (CEC). These differences show how certain materials retain nutrients more or less than others, which determines the total amount of nutrients you should feed your plants.

Third, consider the nutrient products as the nutrients in different hydroponic fertilizer products vary in quantity and ratio. Different application recommendations will be given depending on the product. As a result, you can integrate many of these items at once. Mike Straumietis explains that a credible nutrient calculator will show you how much of each product to give a plant each week of its growth.

Understanding the Benefits of a Feeding Schedule

As Mike Straumietis points out, nutrient calculators are similar to feed charts but provide a more detailed image of the nutrients for your hydroponic system. You must input data about your system into the calculator, as with any online calculator, and it will then provide you with the result.

Enter your hydroponic system’s specifics, such as the size of your stock tank, the kind of nutrients you’ll be utilizing, and the base PPM or EC of your solution. Press enter after entering these details, and the calculator will handle the rest. You will likely be given a feeding schedule that details how much of each nutrient product to provide each week.

Unlocking A Crop’s True Genetic Potential

To aid crops in developing to their full genetic potential, Mike Straumietis and the Advanced Nutrients team developed the first and only complete growing system that optimizes all phases of the vegetative and bloom cycles. To activate the genetic potential of their plants, growers from more than 110 countries count on Advanced Nutrients. Mike Straumietis, Advanced Nutrients Founder and CEO, strongly understand what plants require to reach full growth.

The annual sales of fertilizers and plant nutrients of Advanced Nutrients have surpassed nine figures every year. The billion-dollar company has a diversified staff of Ph.D. scientists who are exceptionally competent and knowledgeable. They have introduced a wide range of next-generation products that support every stage of a crop’s life cycle, from seed to senescence.

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