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Need For a Laundry Splashback For Your House

When planning a home decoration, there is a tendency to overlook hidden areas like dishwashing and laundry spots. To make every corner of your house aesthetically appealing, it is essential to design it with your whole heart.

You can get creative with your laundry splashback though it is not a design element. It doesn’t hurt to see a beautifully designed wall and innovative fixtures, does it?

Now to look at some facts about laundry splashback so you can design it accordingly.


What is a laundry splashback?

As the name itself says, it is an area on the wall with a waterproof lining or coating to prevent watermarks. You can also set up a kitchen splashback to avoid the watermarks on a kitchen wall.

This is a crucial installation that protects your wall from moisture, grease, stains, or the growth of moulds. Detergent splash can stain your wall permanently, and it gets tough to remove such stains. So how does a laundry splashback help you?

Benefits of Splashback In Laundry

If you have an open laundry space, then it will be very much seen by your guests when they take a house tour. Hence, you must add a splashback that can be cleaned easily.

A sheet with a pattern or elegant tile can make it look attractive, and it becomes easy to clean. There are many types of splashback materials in the market.

What are Laundry Splashbacks made of?

Traditionally, people prefer to use tiles or DIY wallpapers, but more options are available. Below is a list of materials you can choose from to install on your laundry wall.

Steel Covering

A stainless steel sheet is elementary to install and gives your laundry area a simple yet classy look. It looks professional, and you can clean it very quickly. This is advisable if you have a smaller laundry area and the sink is placed in the less visible corner.


This is the favourite choice for every home décor enthusiast because it is effortless to clean. A simple wipe with a sponge can make it look squeaky clean. You can choose a printed tile, patterned tile, or mosaic tile.

A mosaic printed tile is the best choice because it doesn’t make the stains very obvious, and you can skip cleaning it for a few days. It could be a little pricey, but you can always choose a large tile size to save some money.

Acrylic Splashback

If you love glasses but run out of budget, acrylic will serve the purpose. It is available in different colour ranges, and you can easily DIY the acrylic sheet on your laundry wall.

Make sure you choose a fire-rated acrylic sheet and use a suitable adhesive, like Polyurethane Reactive (PUR) adhesive, so it doesn’t come out. The advantage of an acrylic sheet is that you can coordinate its colour with your laundry wall.

Natural Stone

If you love vintage style, then you can add natural stone. It is high maintenance and requires you to be careful while using bleaching agents. If you take care of the stones correctly, it can make your laundry space extremely beautiful.

Use a simple terracotta stone to make it affordable and easy to install. Heavier stones will require more maintenance, and installation will create a big mess.

Make sure you take care of the styling of your laundry space and protect the wall of your laundry space. You can experiment with the options based on your budget and the look you want to create.

Keep the colour scheme and the theme of your house, and make the right choice for your laundry. Also, do not fail to look at the installation guide.

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