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What You Need for a Truly Relaxing Weekend–Even if You’re Just at Home

These days, it’s safer to stay at home unless you absolutely must go out. One could argue that going out to meet friends every once in a while is essential for your mental health, and if that is the case, make sure you are practicing social distancing and wearing your personal protective equipment.

If you are staying indoors, however, you can still make your weekend relaxing and fun. You’ll only need these things:

A Clear Plan of Action

The weekend can easily run away from you if you don’t make a clear plan of action on how to spend your time. Sure, you are allowed to stay in bed a little longer, but those additional hours of snooze time could also be going to cleaning around the house and preparing for a weekend you can enjoy. Basically, the earlier you get started on your errands, the sooner you can enjoy the rest of the weekend.

And those errands should be listed, too. Know exactly what you need to accomplish, and see if you have time for them. Start on the essentials, such as cleaning the kitchen, buying the groceries, or changing your sheets. When you have tidy surroundings, you will feel more at ease and relaxed.


A Good Movie

To have a relaxing weekend, of course, you can’t just do all errands. You want some time for yourself as well. Watching a good movie is a great time to unwind after a stressful day. Bonus points if you’re watching the movie while you’re preparing nice meals for yourself. If you meal prep or batch cook, this is a great time to get started. You can also cuddle up to your loved one or get comfortable under your favorite blankets while you enjoy the movie.

Me Time

From going through your glass skin routine to getting new eyebrow makeup for sale, you definitely need some form of self-care time over the weekend. If you’re not a fan of makeup and enjoy some quiet time instead, leave room for meditation or just reading a good book. Listen to your favorite podcast or just enjoy a nice cup of tea. Whatever you choose to do for your self-care time, however, make sure you are focused on it and not multitasking. The goal is to focus on yourself and your feelings only.

Social time

Social time is the highlight when you’re going out with friends over the weekend, but if you’ve chosen to stay in, you’ll want to carve some time for this in your calendar. You could call your dearest parents or friends, or simply chat with them over Zoom. Messaging on social media could also work, but make sure you’re really engaged in the conversation. Otherwise, this will just become time spent mindlessly on your social media accounts, and that will not give you productive results. At the end of your dedicated social time, you should feel happy and recharged because you were able to connect with people you care about. It’s important to focus on things that matter to you when you have some free time on your hands. Rather than taking this time to recharge by simply not doing anything, use your time wisely to make room for what matters to you.

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