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OCR App- Automated Way Of Document Verification To Stop Identity Fraud

Businesses tend to interact with a large number of audiences which requires the bulk of data to be entered on a daily basis.  Manual data entry is tiring and requires more resources for businesses singing the technology advancements. This manual way of inputting data can be automated and provide robust results. To enhance the data extraction process OCR app is the most suitable in the market to do so. Businesses employing such products can overcome frauds and mistakes due to human intervention. 


What Is OCR Technology?

Optical character recognition OCR technology is referred to as the process by which the information from the scanned or printed documents is extracted into machine-encoded text. OCR scanning is mostly integrated into the identity verification system. The data can be extracted from identity documents such as ID cards, driving licenses, passports,  etc. The information after extraction is electronically saved on the cloud which can be viewed or altered at any time. OCR solution is used to read and extract the information in the image documents and is also used to authenticate the documents by recognition patterns. Following are some types of writing styles through which the OCR technology can extract the information: 

Printed Documents

The documents referred to the ones which are typed using the computer keyboard. Such documents have special formats and standards.

Handwritten Documents

The documents which are written by the human hands are called handwritten documents.  Such documents usually have a cursive writing style and are also not aligned. Handwritten documents have no fixed formats and also lacks standards.

Machine Readable Zone Codes

This is not a writing style but MRZ codes are imprinted into the documents. Intelligent OCR technology decodes the machine-readable zone to get access to the information placed in the documents. This practice ensures document protection from faking and replicating attempts.

Working Of AI-Based OCR Technolgy

The traditional OCR technology was not fully automated and was not able to provide promising results under human supervision. Manual guidance was mandatory in old school OCR procedures still it could function properly. It worked correctly on the documents whose template and format were pre-loaded into the system. Whenever the document comes up with a different format, the OCR could not extract the information properly.

Therefore, with the blend of artificial intelligence, the traditional OCR services become fully automated and require no manual gaudiness. This also provides robust and accurate results by judging the format of the documents in real-time.

  • Data Preprocessing

Deskewing Technique

The user documents need to be properly aligned without any faults in them such as ink spots or folds in the documents. This is done to extract the data from the documents with high accuracy. Therefore, deskew aligns the documents and adjusts them by altering the horizontal and vertical sides to make them a perfect fit.

Binarisation Of Documents 

In this technique, the colored documents are converted into greyscale (black and white) because the OCR algorithm works effectively on binary photos. This is done to improve the data extraction with more accuracy.

  • Character Recognition 

Document Pattern Idenitification 

Under this technique, the document is recognized pixel by pixel after storing them in the form of images. It verifies the document by matching the font and scale. This generates results flawlessly for the documents which are typed in a similar font.

Document Feature Extraction 

The pattern recognition technique was not so promising if the documents were in multiple languages. With the help of this technique rather than identifying the characters of the documents, the components of the characters are divided into the features like lines, closed loops, etc. Then these features are mapped in the vector representation and then with the help of the K-nearest algorithm it decides the match.

  • Auto Filling of extracted data

In this process, the data which is excreted and pre-processed using different techniques is automatedly filled into the registration forms. This is way better than the manual procedures by which the user time is reduced and verification for the businesses is done with high accuracy.

Final Thoughts

The technological revolution has digitalized the world. Businesses are moving towards digitalization. Security and user data confidentiality are now the utmost priority for businesses. The automated identity verification solution is trending in the markets and is becoming the center of attraction for corporations. Ranging from KYC to digital document verification, it’s becoming an essential part of businesses that tend to provide service digitally. OCR app is of great interest for businesses to verify the documents of the customers in no time and also ensures the effectiveness of the data processing processes to verify the customer.

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