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Office 365 secure Migration Software: EdbMails Review & Rating


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What is EdbMails Office 365 Migration Tool?
  3. Who can use EdbMails Office 365 migration?
  4. What system specifications do I need for running EdbMails?
  5. Prominent EdbMails Office 365 Migration Features
  6. How does the Office 365 Migration software work?
  7. What does the EdbMails Office 365 tool migrate?
  8. What scenarios can EdbMails Office 365 Migration Support?
  9. Why do people like the EdbMails Office 365 migration tool?
  10. How to use EdbMails Free Trial Version?
  11. Office 365 Migration Expert Consultation
  12. Free in-Depth Live Product Demo
  13. Review Verdict: EdbMails Office 365 Migrator Tool
  14. FAQs


Migrations to Office 365 and Exchange are climbing the charts, as is the demand for appropriate migration tools. Microsoft makes it difficult to transfer mailboxes because there is no manual method that guarantees 100 percent data consistency and efficiency. We won’t say it’s impossible, but it’s definitely not for those who don’t have the time or patience to experiment. Furthermore, the manual methods necessitate extensive scripting knowledge and preparation. That being said, automated software tools designed specifically for this purpose make the process a whole lot easier with the click of a button. Organizations that place a high value on data should look no further than using these tools.Another issue that many of them are perplexed about is which software to choose from the myriad of options available on the market. Taking these user questions into consideration, I decided to review one such tool that is not only secure but also cost-effective. When you use EdbMails’ migration plan to Office 365, you can be confident that your Office 365 migration projects will be completed quickly and that you will be able to reallocate valuable organizational resources elsewhere.

What is EdbMails Office 365 Migration Tool?

EdbMails is a dedicated and user-friendly Office 365 and Exchange migration software that makes complex migration projects easier. EdbMails, in contrast to traditional manual methods, is a fully automated and graphical interface tool that requires no technical knowledge to use. As with any other Windows application, it is interactive and displays all of your mailboxes and mail items in a single location which expedites the planning and migration processes. To connect to the mailboxes, the software uses secure OAuth 2.0 modern authentication. In terms of security, it also ensures a secure flow throughout the migration process.

Who can use EdbMails Office 365 migration?

Now that we have briefly introduced EdbMails Office 365 migration, let us now look in detail on who can use the software and its suitability. EdbMails can be used by any personal user, business, small or large organizations looking for quick Office 365 migrations. You might be wondering if the software matches your current requirements and environment. There are few aspects that make EdbMails suitable to all users. The first one is that it is cost-effective and affordable with its customized pricing plans. This is a comparable advantage from other tools which stick to one license plan for all users. The next thing is that EdbMails has a free trial version using which you can test all its functionalities and decide if it works out for you. 

What system specifications do I need for running EdbMails?

The following table gives a bird’s eye view of the complete system requirements for EdbMails Office 365 migration. 

EdbMails Supported PlatformsAll Windows Versions (11, 10, 8.1, 8, 7, XP)
Devices on which EdbMails works Windows Desktop and Windows Server
Software LanguageEnglish
Suited toPersonal, Business and Industrial users
Internet Connection RequiredYes. Required for Office 365 and Exchange migration
Disk Space for Installation20 MB for EdbMails installation and additional space for installation like .NET components, Microsoft Visual C++ library
Microsoft Outlook RequiredYes. If you are planning to export Office 365 to PST
Account RequirementsA Trial or a licensed Office 365 account with Exchange online and mailbox enabled

Prominent EdbMails Office 365 Migration Features

We describe some of the salient features of EdbMails migration tool in this section. 

  1. A highly automated tool that makes complex migration procedures easier.
  2. Sets impersonation rights and maps mailboxes automatically.
  3. Complete Public folder migration, including permissions.
  4. This is a complete GUI tool without the need for PowerShell commands. 
  5. Supports migrating mailboxes in multiple languages while maintaining encoding.
  6. Incremental migration feature prevents duplicate items on migration.
  7. Migrate all mailboxes at once or pick and choose which ones to migrate.
  8. EdbMails tool handles Office 365 throttling while causing no downtime.
  9. At the end, detailed migration reports assist you in verifying all items that have been migrated or left out.

How does the Office 365 Migration software work?

The operation of the EdbMails software is fairly simple. The entire migration, from start to finish, is divided into three major steps. The interface is also straightforward to use, and tooltips are provided to explain each function. The first step is to authenticate your credentials and log in to your source Office 365 account.

After logging in, EdbMails displays all of your mailboxes in an organized tree on the left side. All mails, mail items, and their hierarchies can be viewed here. Expand the mailboxes to see the items, and on the right side, you can customize your migration with various options. There are three buttons at the bottom: Export to Outlook PST, Migrate to Office 365, and Migrate to Live Exchange. These are self-explanatory and take you to the appropriate screen based on your selection. 

Finally, depending on your migration preferences, log in to the destination account (Exchange or Office 365). Log in with the target account credentials and for proper transfer, you must map the source mailboxes to the target mailboxes. EdMails can also automatically map the mailboxes for you and will handle the rest of the transfer process. When the entire migration is finished, you will see a completion popup. By clicking on the View Log button, you can view a complete summary of the entire migration. 

What does the EdbMails Office 365 tool migrate?

Many users have questions as to what items they can migrate with a specific migration tool. We decided to do a fact check on what all items EdbMails can migrate. Based on our testing, we can conclude that it migrates the following items.

  1. Mail Items, Calendars, Tasks, Contacts, Alias and Distribution Groups
  2. Notes, Data Journals and Attachments of all sizes
  3. Public folders, their permissions, Shared and Archive Mailboxes
  4. Massive mailboxes, Folders and Calendar Permissions
  5. Unlimited mailboxes, Email categories and meeting invites

What scenarios can EdbMails Office 365 Migration Support?

After seeing the various items that EdbMail can migrate, it is also important to consider the various migration scenarios that it supports. The information is provided in the table below.

Migration ScenariosSupported by EdbMails 
Office 365 tenant to tenant migrationYes
Office 365 migration between same domainsYes
Office 365 Groups MigrationYes
Office 365 to any Exchange server versionYes
Office 365 to Hosted Exchange serverYes
Office 365 to On-Premise Exchange serverYes
Staged, Cutover and Hybrid MigrationYes
Office 365 Public folder to Exchange Public folderYes
Office 365 to Microsoft Outlook PSTYes

Why do people like the EdbMails Office 365 migration tool?

Customers all over the world trust EdbMails for its efficiency and personalized migration plans. If you are having trouble migrating your mailboxes or require dedicated help and assistance, EdbMails customer service can provide you with the necessary input and even guide you through the entire workflow.

  1. EdbMails automates every aspect of the data migration process.
  2. Cost-effective solution for all types of users, both large and small businesses.
  3. EdbMails increased software efficiency translates to no downtime.
  4. No prior training or technical knowledge of the program is necessary. It offers an easy-to-navigate user interface.
  5. When it comes to scalability, this data migration software is quite adaptable. It’s perfect for any business, no matter how big or little, or how many cloud systems they have.
  6. EdbMails is an ISO ISO 27001:2013 certified tool giving complete peace of mind when it comes to data transfer. 
  7. Additionally, the OAuth 2.0 modern authentication provides a secure login method.
  8. There are no additional third party tools or services involved and EdbMails supports multi factor authentication.

How to use EdbMails Free Trial Version?

The EdbMails free trial version is ideal for users who want to learn about the entire migration process and test the software before buying it. It can be installed on any Windows PC and has no time constraints. This enables you to use it at your leisure and convenience. It is free and best of all does not require any type of payment details to download. It transfers 30 items from the source to the target folder. We recommend that you test it with a trial Office 365 account to ensure that you understand the various steps. Furthermore, if you have a hybrid environment you can migrate a few items to test the software’s efficiency, response, and user-friendliness 

Office 365 Migration Expert Consultation

EdbMails customer support can also provide expert advice on how to proceed with your migration. For example, you can receive a customized plan based on the number of mailboxes, your existing environment, and the type of migration you want to perform. EdbMails support can also assist you remotely if you require individual assistance with your migration scenario. If you have any specific migration needs or questions, don’t hesitate to contact EdbMails customer service for an Office 365 migration guide. 

Free in-Depth Live Product Demo

If you want to see the software in action and how it works, EdbMails provides a free in-depth live product demo in which an expert representative answers all of your questions. It is both an interactive and informative session that we found extremely beneficial. This also allows you to understand all of the finer points of the migration, such as the system requirements you’ll need before implementing it in your own environment. We absolutely adore this feature, which we were unable to find in other competitor tools where such a provision does not exist.

Review Verdict: EdbMails Office 365 Migrator Tool

If there is no assistance or help, Office 365 migration can be a difficult and time-consuming process. EdbMails Office 365 migrator can help you automate the entire process while you sit back and relax. All of the users’ concerns have been alleviated because EdbMails receives high marks in many categories, including cost-effectiveness, ease-of-use, utility, data security, and consistency. Furthermore, EdbMails customer support provides personalized assistance based on your needs, and completing the migration should be as easy as a pie with experts on your side. Based on all of these factors, we believe EdbMails is the best tool for Office 365 migrations.

FAQ Answered

  1. What are the EdbMails Office 365 migration pricing plans?
  2. EdbMails is a very cost effective tool. It costs $200 for 100 Office 365 mailboxes. There is a bundle offer that includes both Office 365 and Exchange mailboxes if you want to save more or have more customization. EdbMails licenses are lifetime and it is a one time investment with no recurring costs or charges.
  3. Does EdbMails affect existing users or result in downtime?
  4. No. There is no downtime with EdbMails. It has no effect on existing or new users because the emails are copied between the source and destination without being modified or altered. When it comes to security and data consistency, EdbMails is without a doubt the best option.
  5. I have a specific Office 365 migration requirement. Whom to approach for guidance?
  6. If you are looking for an Office 365 migration guide, EdbMails has a dedicated and experienced customer support team available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can approach them with specific requirements to get a migration plan tailored to your situation. The best way to contact them is through the EdbMails website’s live chat window. However, if you are looking for solutions to specific migration issues or problems, we recommend that you refer to the website’s FAQs and in-depth user manual guides.

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