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Patients at Washington University School of Medicine have been Notified of a Data Breach

Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis warned patients that a data breach may have exposed some of their sensitive health information.

According to the website of Washington University School of Medicine, the health institution discovered that between March 4 and March 28, an unauthorized individual acquired access to some staff email accounts.

An investigation conducted on March 24 was unable to determine whether the individual viewed any of the emails or attachments in the accounts, but the health system did discover that the emails contained patient and research participant information, such as names, dates of birth, addresses, medical records, patient account numbers, and clinical information.

Health insurance details and Social Security numbers were also discovered in certain accounts.

To be safe, Washington University School of Medicine has begun mailing letters to those whose information was found in the compromised email accounts.

The health organization did not specify how many patients were affected, but it has taken precautions such as improving email security and boosting employee training on how to spot and avoid questionable communications.

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