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Personal Injury Claims for Drivers Without a Trace

Being the victim of road traffic accident is a traumatic experience. Hundreds of thousands of people become the victims of road traffic accidents every year in the United Kingdom. These accidents can be the fault of one driver, both drivers, or in some cases, another driver being involved indirectly. Getting out alive from a road accident is truly a miracle sometimes, but the trauma that follows can last a long time. You could become a victim as a car driver, passenger, motorbike rider, bicycle rider, and even as a pedestrian. However, with the trauma, a lot of times what ensues is another issue: the person responsible for the accident that you got involved in, is either uninsured or has fled the scene of the crime before you could their details.

You may think that this would leave you helpless when trying to pursue a claim for personal injury, but thankfully, that isn’t the case. The first thing you need to do is look for personal injury lawyers. At Wallace Legal, we provide personal injury lawyers for people who need assistance filing personal injuries claim. Our personal injury lawyers can help with referring your case to the Motor Insurers Bureau (MIB). the MIB is a non-profit organisation that is set-up by motor insurers. The organisation aims to aid victims of a crime where the driver is uninsured or has fled the scene. They help these victims seek compensation for such accidents. The following is a list of agreements that the MIB has:

Agreement For Untraced Drivers

Drivers who have either fled the scene, or left before exchanging contact and relevant details are called untraced drivers. In the case where you have become a victim of an untraced driver, the MIB will initially carry out an investigation. They will use legal means to try and find the driver, and if they are successful, they will ensure the claim is fulfilled by the drivers’ insurance company. If they, however, cannot trace the driver, the MIB will assess the case. Your injuries will be looked at, followed by the report from the hospital. If the MIB believes that you’ve been the victim of a crime relating to an untraced driver, you will be compensated fully for your personal injuries. However, the MIB will not be liable to compensate or pay for any vehicle or property damage, unless the personal injury compensation is a significant amount.

Agreement for Uninsured Drivers

There are cases when you become the victim of an accident where the other party is an uninsured driver. You may believe that you have to cover the losses yourself but try getting in contact with a personal injury lawyer. With your referral to the MIB, the bureau will hold a complete investigation into the accident. If the uninsured driver is found to be at fault, the MIB will pay up for your injuries. In such scenarios, the MIB will consider making a compensation payment for vehicle or property damage. You may also get compensated for repair costs. However, you will need to provide complete evidence of these losses to be incurred during the accident before any compensation is made.

Please note that it is of crucial importance that after incurring an accident that may or may not involve an untraced or uninsured driver, you should report the incident to the police immediately. The police should be the first ones to reach the crime scene so that proper evidence can be collected, and a proper police report should be made.

The Motors Insurance Bureau has very concrete rules and regulations. It only makes sense to consult a personal injury lawyer before contacting the MIB yourself. A personal injury lawyer will know better ways to make your case solid before sending it to the MIB for consideration.

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