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The world tourism industry is booming steadily with each passing year. Though there are enough saturation factors in the tourism industry, there is still the requirement of new hotels, guesthouses to meet the ever-growing demand. If you are willing to turn their newly owned hotel venture into a long-run profit-making investment, these are the steps to follow:

Serving mentality of the management:  Philip Anandraj believes that the Hospitality industry should be guided by the motto of serving their guests in the best possible way. The owner may not interact with their guests directly but it is the serving attitude that has a tripping effect from the top management down to the staff. Successful Hotel ventures are born out from the Top culture management. And this culture comes from the owner. The following qualities are absolute mandate for an owner of a hotel venture:

  • Desire to serve
  • Having good leadership capabilities
  • Having a charming, humble attitude
  • Hardworking ethic
  1. Comfortable and easy environment: The word “hotel” is beyond having a building equipped with a large number of rooms and staff charging the people with check-ins. Rather, the hotel should be viewed as a resting hub for exhausted travelers or people coming for vacation. The hotel must be safety heaven for the customers especially they should feel easy and comfortable in the hotel atmosphere.  In this age of virtual reality, people tend to pen down their experiences on social media platforms. The authority should keep in mind that the negative experiences and comments stay with the people longer rather than the positive ones. The management of the hotel should do everything within their purview to make their customers happy as happy customers lead to a positive image building of the hotel. 
  1. Amenities: As the Hospitality industry is already saturated, it is the one that gives maximum services and amenities to their guests that can have an edge over their competitors.  To begin with, the owner should scrutinize the demography of the guests, the Budget capacity, the Hotel’s overall branding. Some of the essential Hotel amenities are:
  • 0n-Site Parking
  • Free Wi-Fi
  • Entertainment facilities
  • Exercise facilities
  • Flexible checkout
  • Good Bedding Facilities.
  1. Good Hygiene: A simple but effective means for a positive image building is Good Hygiene. It is from first sight that the guests develop an overall idea about the Hotel. An unclean room is said to be a nightmare for the Hotel’s PR. 
  1. Friendliness: The guests are in the Hotel are there for any vacation or other purposes. So an atmosphere that can make them feel at home is essential. Recruiting Staff who are humble and grounded is one of the first steps for developing a friendly atmosphere that can bring positive reviews and Image building for the hotel. 
  1. Safety of the Guests: Philip Anandraj hotelier stated that the guests out from their home must feel safe in the Hotel. Location and adjacent areas around the hotel also play a vital role in this. The hotel environment should be such that the guests can relax safely. As no guests would like to spend their vacation in foreign places with an ere of uncertainty. 
  1. Generating Leads: The management should know that in this age of new media, it is the different innovative ideas to reach the people that give an upper hand in the ever-growing competition. Philip Anandraj hotelier discussed that the hotel should make itself discoverable through different networking platforms and for this, the owner needs a strong, interactive distribution marketing channel. 
  1. Manager’s Flexibility: Every guest has a different demand or expectations from the Hotel. By giving the managers flexibility, it equips them with better decision-making opportunities that can prevent any inconvenient situation. 
  1. Better observing sense: According to Philip Anandraj, It is always the minute details ranging from keeping fresh flowers in the vase to greeting the guests with a smile that brings positive reviews from the guests. 

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