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Pre-Construction Services and Construction Megaprojects

Innovation in construction model is often criticized, and one of the best ways to test this claim is through large-scale projects. These projects, referred to as megaprojects, represent an unprecedented diversity of products and services. They also represent a continuum from repetition to innovation, with megaprojects located at the innovative end of the continuum. Here, we will explore the role of organizational citizenship in megaprojects. The focus of this paper is the Battersea Power Station redevelopment, a landmark in central London. The project is expected to take between ten to fifteen years and will cost approximately PS8 billion GBP (US$13.6 billion).

In addition to exploring the role of KPIs in pre-construction services and construction megaprojects, this study examines CSFs and other indicators to develop a dynamic model for assessing these projects. The dynamic model incorporates the interrelationships among CSFs and KPIs. It provides an insightful reference for practitioners, and decision-makers can use the model to formulate relevant policies and procedures. This study aims to promote the systematic evaluation of construction megaprojects.

The results of this study will inform the development of better strategies to manage the risks associated with megaprojects. TDMRs include complex systems that interact dynamically with other elements. TDMRs in megaprojects may affect the total project risk level. Using these models can help decision-makers understand TDMRs and ensure successful completion of megaprojects. The authors hope to inspire further research in this area. They look forward to your comments.

There are three main types of risk associated with construction megaprojects. There is an environment risk and a technical decision-making process risk. There is a connection between these factors, and the risk-related accident can be a signal of a misjudgment. By considering the factors influencing these risks, it is possible to avoid them and make the process as safe as possible. And the authors of these studies emphasize that, although MIPs have high risks, they are not necessarily risky.

The construction model of MIPs has significant strategic value for national economic and social development. They collect enormous resources in a country and affect the social development of the radiation area of the project. Consequently, MIPs enhance economic growth, improve core competitiveness of the country, and realize social leap-frogging development. So far, research into MIPs is limited to the management of large-scale projects. So, how can these megaprojects help us develop better strategies?

TDMRs in construction megaprojects are complicated and dynamic. Moreover, their occurrence and control can differ wildly. The risk manager’s perception of a particular megaproject may be completely different from what the literature suggests. Hence, the importance of exploring TDMR dynamics and determining risk-prone factors is essential for both scholars and project managers. For this purpose, GT was used to identify TDMRs in megaprojects.

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