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Pros And Cons Of Node JS Development To Consider Before Starting A Project

Coding should never be a problem and yet, it poses some serious issues. Not just learners but professionals also face difficulties in coding. This leads to the search for a platform on which they can work seamlessly. The smoothness in the operation gets their projects delivered on time. On top of that, the programmers working in the team remain happy about it.

We are talking about Node JS here. People who are familiar with the open-source platform would have probably guessed it. People with little or no knowledge about Node JS are in for a treat.

The platform has been built on the event-driven Chrome’s V8 JavaScript Engine. It takes its influences majorly from Event Machine and Twisted. The USP that it offers is that a programmer can work on backend and frontend operations. While the frontend is easy to use, you might feel the need to hire a Node JS Backend Developer to get the job done from the backend.

Let’s get into some of the advantages and disadvantages that Node JS offers to its users.



Speed And Performance

The input and output operations can either be blocked or unblocked. Both of them have different principles on which they function.

Blocked I/O operations go through every sequence of coding separately. It does not proceed to the next line until it has finished its work on the current line. This consumes time when compared to the Unblocked I/O operations.

The Unblocked I/O operations work exactly opposite to how the Blocked I/O operations work. Unblocked I/O operations go through every sequence of coding simultaneously. This gives better run-time. The running of the platform on Google’s V8 JavaScript also contributes to this factor. Every code that a user enters on the platform is programmed end-to-end in JavaScript.

Active Support

Node JS has a community of experts. They remain ready to offer their support and advice to the budding programmes.

While they are not exactly the replacement of Node JS Development Services, the experts in the community still do their job pretty well. All the members of the community remain active. Once you have completed working on your project or if you are stuck somewhere then you can turn to the community to seek review and assistance for further improvement. This offers an opportunity to learn directly from the experts.

The community of Node JS is built with the skills of JavaScript Programmers. You get assistance with the issues almost instantly. The experts have easy solutions and codes that can be accessed in GitHub.

Better Market Time

An idea drives a person crazy. The emotional attachment to the idea plays a crucial role in it. The best thing to do, if you are sure about it, is to develop it and market it as fast as you can.

Node JS rarely requires you to be an expert in programming. It offers tools to access and implement pre-designed templates. They can be customized based on the requirement of a user. The ones that are available also do the trick. Most of them are standard, enough to get you started.

It is not just choosing a template that saves time to write codes. The implementation is easier as well. You can choose the template from the open-source library and add it to your project. It is as simple as clicking on the refresh button of the browser.


Unstable Application Programming Interface

Node JS is known for making changes every other day. It makes sense if one looks at it from the perspective of matching the evolving trend. The story, however, differs from the perspective of a programmer.

Code once written has to be run backward and modified. This step is necessary to ensure that the sequence is compatible with the upgraded version of the platform. The work can be made easier by making changes in the codebases that are easily accessible.

Despite that, Node JS remains unstable and it often gets difficult to match the changes.

Non-Linear Blocking I/O Programming

A fresher who is setting his or her foot into the world of programming would find it easier to work in Node JS. The experts who have explored other options will say otherwise.

The difference occurs as Node JS works on the idea of non-linear blocking input and output programming while other platforms work on the traditional idea of linear blocking input and output programming.

Both models function differently. A linear blocking I/O programming goes through every line of a sequence individually. This helps a programmer to understand his or her mistakes better. The only advantage that non-linear I/O programming offers is that it saves time to review the sequence.

High Competition

There are professionals who work in the hard-core environment of JavaScript. They are difficult to find and expensive to retain. The reason being, they function purely on their skills.

A Node JS developer, purely stating the fact, exists because he or she finds it difficult to survive in that environment. They are easier to find but their skills vary from the experts. Their cost is also low as compared to the programmers who are entirely involved in JavaScript.

This creates a competitive environment among the Node JS developers. The competition ultimately does force a programmer to level up but the initial stage does more harm than it should because of high competition.

Final Words

The points mentioned above also serve as the factors to evaluate the usage of Node JS. As someone who is looking to get their project done, discussing these points with the website development company would offer better insights into the project.

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