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Safety Tips for Using CBD for Your Pet

Cannabidiol or CBD is one of the active parts of the hemp plant and a member of the cannabinoid compounds found in cannabis plants. There are many other chemicals in the cannabis plant, but CBD is the best choice for making pet care products because it does not make animals get high when they eat it.

More so, Cannabidiol is identified to be the most active part of hemp; this is why it is potent as an effective treatment for many health concerns. It is made by extracting the liquid from the leaves, flowers, and stems of hemp plants and mixing it with the carrier oils (coconut oil and hemp seed oil) and other edible ingredients and flavors. Because of its potency on pets’ health, many pet owners turn to CBD as an alternative medicine. You should visit pethempcompany for some of the best cannabis-derived supplies for cats and dog’s health. 


Safety Tips for Using CBD for Pets

Apart from the fact that CBD products are healthy additions for pet care, there are other questions that research has not answered about the adverse effects on pets. And for this reason, it is essential to observe specific safety standards before applying cannabis extract to your dogs and cats. Below are the significant safety guidelines in giving CBD to your pets:

1. Understand the Content

There are many CBD products in the pet care market, just as there are different producers worldwide. Although it is seen that all of them are pure CBD, yet some of them carry additional contents different from what some pet owners want. For example, some CBD products contain ingredients that can make pets get intoxicated and behave abnormally. 

Others have been found to carry some poisonous contents which are not suitable for the well-being of your pets. Hence, knowing the contents of the cannabidiol products is a safe way to understand what is good for you and how to use them for the better health of your pets.

2. Consult a Veterinarian

Remember that CBD products are only used as a second-choice medicine. The usage is uncommon because there is no scientific proof of its ability to treat certain diseases. This simple fact is why you need to consult your pets’ doctor whenever you decide to use Cannabidiol for your Dogs or Cats. Get a qualified pet doctor to guide you on the best way to use cannabis products for your pet. Doing this will save you some unnecessary mistakes.

3. Maintain the Correct Dosages

Keeping to the proper dosage is very important for the acceptable use of cannabidiol for your pets. Although your pets’ doctor would inform you about this, it is always good to start with small quantities, especially if you and you are new to cannabis and its derivatives. The dosage can be increased as the dog or cat gets used to it. You can monitor their reaction to CBD each time you give them and observe how well they are coping with it. 

Dosage of Cannabidiol products is given to pets based on body weight and severity of the health issues. Moreover, below is a simple clue to measure the amount your puppies need about their weight. 0.5×weight (kg)={dose}mg, 2 times a day routine. This link has more on pet dosing for CBD. 

4. Toxic Implications

Many CBD products contain THC, fungicide, insecticides, and some harmful contents and can be dangerous to your pets to some extent. The THC part of cannabis is suspected to affect brain function and can be linked with your pets’ mental disorders at higher doses. 

Other poisonous chemicals such as fungicides and insecticides can cause serious adverse effects on your pet’s metabolism and overall health. However, you must be careful in selecting the right cannabidiol for your pups, considering the outcomes.

5. Treat CBD as Alternative Medicine

Although Cannabidiol made from hemp has various health advantages that can help reduce anxiety, manage stress, and relieve pains in humans and animals, it has not been proved as a cure for any disease. 

Therefore, it should not be considered the medication for all health issues. Some pet owners have high regard for cannabidiol as they understand it to improve the fitness of their puppies, but research still shows that it does not treat or cure any of the conditions as many think. 

Instead, it only enables the body to relax the feelings of pain, discomfort, and the inability to sleep caused by certain diseases. Hence, it is important not to replace veterinary drugs with CBD.

 6. Use a Designated Product for the Right Conditions

There are different cannabinoid products suitable for use in handling various health issues for your dogs and cats. Therefore, it is a good safety measure to apply the right product for the right conditions. For instance, if your dog or cat is observed to be too quiet and lazy, you need a CBD containing a small percentage of THC to improve their situation. 

You can be sure to get the worst result if you use the brand designed to calm down your pets because it will worsen their current situation. So, ask questions and look for information to know the right cannabidiol product for your dog or cat. You can check here for more on using cannabis for animals. 


Pet owners have identified some desirable health benefits of CBD in helping them prevent disturbing health conditions of their pets. Nevertheless, you must be careful to avoid making their situation worse. Hence, the safety guidelines listed above should be followed to prevent the improper use of Cannabidiol for your pets.

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