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SEO and backlinks

Backlinks help Google to know our website and its importance, this can be explained in simple words as follows: If a very relevant page such as a government site, has a link on its website naming my website, Google will consider that my website is important and relevant, because a page with high relevance is naming it; the more backlinks there are on different website, Google will consider a better relevance. However, don’t forget that getting fraudulent backlinks is penalised by Google so the goal is to have relevant quality links.


Robots, Sitemap, Search Console

A robots.txt file is a file that sits at the root of a site and indicates which parts you don’t want search engine crawlers to access. Some search engines do not consider the robots.txt file, so it is recommended that each page of the site has its own tag, with attributes for robots such as index, noindex, follow, no follow.

The sitemap is an xml file with the pages of my site. This file tells search engines which pages I want to be indexed, i.e. shown in search results. With this sitemap we can tell search engines about the hierarchy of our website, the updates that have been made to the site. A good practice is to keep the content of the site in an updated sitemap, so the main recommendation is to manually generate one and add it every fortnight or month.

Search Console is a Google tool that will help to configure relevant aspects of the website, such as the Sitemap file. This tool will also constantly provide us with the errors that we need to solve and how the site has behaved in the search results.


Websites that do not have a responsive or mobile design, technically will not be considered by Google, therefore it is of utmost importance that every website has a correct mobile usability.

Constant optimisations

Constant optimisations are a relevant aspect for Google, this shows that we are taking care of our website and taking into account the recommendations that Search Console or any of its tools could give us. In the same way we must constantly perform a cleaning of toxic links that we can find, because we must indicate to Google which are the pages that have a backlink to our site, but are considered harmful pages for users who visit them.

Buyer Persona

Knowing our audience is the key, because if we do not know who we are talking to, we will create irrelevant content, so it is necessary to use tools like Google Analytics, which will give us information about gender, age, city, devices, most visited pages and other aspects that will help us to generate relevant content for our visitors.

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