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Shuffle Play by Netflix is now discontinued, reports Sarah Perez on TechCrunch

Netflix introduced a new feature in 2021, Shuffle Play, but it has now been removed in January 2023, reports Sarah Perez on TechCrunch. [Shuffle Play Netflix H1PerezTechCrunch]

Key Takes:

  • Netflix introduced the “Shuffle Play” feature in January 2021
  • The feature played a movie or TV show based on the user’s personal preferences
  • Shuffle Play received mixed reactions, but the company stated that the response was positive
  • Netflix removed the Shuffle Play feature in January 2023
  • Netflix has a history of taking bold decisions regarding its features, such as promoting password sharing, but now discouraging it

There’s so much content on Netflix that you will end up scrolling and still now find anything “worthy” to watch. In the past, we’ve seen that social media and video streaming apps such as YouTube introduced “Discover,” where the users would see randomized content, helping them decide what to watch.  [Shuffle Play Netflix H1PerezTechCrunch]

Netflix, in January 2021, did something similar. The video streaming platform solved a problem faced by many, unlimited scrolling for hours, and still can’t find anything worth it. Well, with the new “Shuffle Play” feature, the app would play something for you, without you having to scroll and search.

The feature was first teased by Netflix back in 2020; when Sarah Perez from TechCrunch reached out to the authorities, Netflix confirmed that they will name this feature, “Shuffle Play.”

On the Netflix home screen, there was now a big button, right below your profile icon. When clicked, a movie or a TV series would be played; you won’t have to browse looking for something to watch. What’s best about this feature is that it won’t just play a random video, the result will be based on your personal preferences. For instance, Netflix knows what you like to watch, and it will play that’s something of your interest.

At first, the feature was officially known as “Play Something,” but Netflix then rebranded it to “Shuffle Play” for unknown reasons. 

Netflix received some mixed responses on social media when the feature was first teased. However, the letter they shared with its shareholders stated that the response was positive, which started developing speculations. 

Netflix removes Shuffle Play in January 2023

Well, after playing here and there, Netflix has finally removed the Shuffle Play feature from its video streaming service. The users started noticing that the feature has suddenly vanished. Upon searching the internet, we found that Netflix sneakingly removed the “Surprise Me” feature from its platform in January 2023. [Shuffle Play Netflix H1PerezTechCrunch]

Netflix removes Shuffle Play in January 2023

Here, you can see that the Surprise Me feature has been discontinued in January 2023. This isn’t the first time Netflix has taken a bold decision about reconsidering its features. Back in the day, Netflix used to promote password sharing but recently, the platform has been constantly warning its users and discouraging them to share passwords.

Here, you can see that the Surprise Me feature has been discontinued in January 2023.

This is what Netflix tweeted back in March 2017. Now, we’ve been reading tons of articles that all the users in one account need to live under one roof. What’s worse is that they would need to log into Netflix using their home’s IP address, otherwise, their login would be expired. Pretty sneaky, Netflix. [Shuffle Play Netflix H1PerezTechCrunch]

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