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Solar Panels: A Simple Way to Save Money

Every homeowner wants to save energy. However, not everyone finds simple ways to implement it. One of the most rational solutions is to install solar panels. It is an environmentally friendly way that allows you to use natural energy for your own purposes. 

The installation of panels manually is quite complicated, requiring special training and skills. Therefore, you can contact solar contractors near me – the specialists will be able to quickly prepare the roof for the work to be done and install the solar panels. After that, your home will not only be less dependent on a conventional power source, but also increase in value. Selling a property with solar panels is more profitable, because the buyer will not have to overpay for electricity.


Preparing the roof for the necessary work

The first step before starting the work is to examine the condition of the roof. You can do this on your own or hire an inspector to check that the roof is in compliance with standards. Installation of solar panels will have to be postponed if:

  • there are several layers of shingles on the roof;
  • the coating is uneven, there are cracks or bulges;
  • a large amount of dirt has accumulated.

If the roof requires major repairs, it is necessary to start with the restoration work. Solar panels installed on an unprepared section of the roof can lead to additional deformation, after which you will have to start construction all over again. Reinstalling the batteries will result in additional costs, which can seriously hit the budget.

Pay attention to the amount of space available on the roof. Some builders create a unique roof shape that is not designed to accommodate additional equipment. It may be inappropriate size, waves, the presence of corners that serve only for decorative purposes. 

The equipment can be installed on a standard shaped roof, and the size of the panels should not exceed the coverage area. Roof slopes facing west or south are ideal for installing appliances. If the coverage does not meet the listed requirements, the investment will not be profitable. You won’t get enough solar energy and will continue to overpay for the electricity supplied by the city.

Is there enough sun light on your roof?

If you are planning to install solar panels on your roof, make sure that the house is constantly exposed to the sun. The first option to clarify this question is to visually assess how many hours the necessary part of the roof is exposed to the sun’s rays. If the rays hit the surface for an hour in an entire day, installing panels makes no sense. They will not have time to accumulate enough energy to power the appliances in the house without paying extra for electricity.

Don’t forget the National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) map. It shows the distribution of light for each region. You can also use a tool from Google, Project Sunroof. It can help you calculate the amount of electricity that will be generated throughout the year after the new equipment is installed. You will know how much energy you can save and you can convert that into a monetary value.

Finding answers to all your questions may be challenging without a reliable solar panel installer. It is best to find a professional who can help you pick the right system and calculate how much money you can save. CA Solar Group is one of the top solar companies in California, providing quality services, extended solar warranties, and customer support.

Autonomous or common system?

Before contacting solar contractors near me, it is worth determining which system you want to use. Specialists can offer a connection to the local network through which the solar panels in your area work. In this case, the panels will be connected to the utilities. This is how the net metering program is operated. You will be able to sell part of the electricity to the general network. If this offer does not interest you, choose an autonomous system. This is a way where you will accumulate solar energy in the panels. During the day, the sun will hit the surface of the panels, and the electricity will be used during the dark hours of the day. When utilities are unable to supply power, you will use the stored resources.

Regardless of the connection you choose, you will need periodic maintenance on your new system. The first thing you’ll have to do is clean the panels from dirt. When large amounts of dust and other debris accumulate on the surface, the conversion of solar energy into electricity is slower. It will also be necessary to evaluate the quality of the batteries, which lose their power over time. Regular maintenance will help prolong the life of your solar system and increase the efficiency of your home’s electricity supply.

Budget planning

A simple way is to search for suitable solar contractors near me on a Google search engine. A list of contractors will open in front of you and you can go to their website and look at the offers. If any of your neighbors or acquaintances have already installed an innovative system in their home, ask for recommendations from a reliable company.

Contact solar panel installation companies. They will offer a price list of services so you can estimate your own budget and choose the right option for you. 

An alternative option is to contact the company HomeQuote. You can get in touch with experts and get a detailed consultation on the installation of solar systems in your city. A professional team will evaluate the condition of the roof, suggest the number of solar panels that can be installed. You will learn detailed installation rates and the cost of the panels at the same time.

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