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Some Proven Ways to Lose Weight Without Actually Trying

Many people have made it their life goal to lose weight and maintain the ideal weight for their body types. However, everyone knows that it is not easy because there are so many temptations out there in the form of tasty foods and drinks that you can enjoy whenever you want.

In addition, the sedentary lifestyle most people have right now prevents them from getting active and exercising to lose weight, so people rely more on supplements like Oxyshred and others.

No wonder people are looking to lose weight without needing to exercise a lot or to enter high-intensive diets that will strip them of most kinds of food they usually enjoy. Some might consider it ineffective because nothing beats exercise and a healthy diet in losing weight. While these are right, these methods are also proven to help people lose weight and achieve their goals.

This article will list down proven ways to lose weight without exercising a lot or dieting too hard.

Chew your food thoroughly

While it is admittedly fun to enjoy your food, your brain has difficulty catching up with your mouth and stomach whenever you eat, especially when you eat in buffets or gatherings, where a lot of food is available for you to gobble and enjoy.

One thing you can do is to chew your food thoroughly. This small hack allows you to eat much slower. This habit is associated with increased fullness, decreased food consumption, and much smaller portion sizes for you. In other words, you get full easily when you chew your food slowly and thoroughly. Your brain catches up with your stomach, and therefore sends signals that you are already full of smaller portions.

Eat lots of protein

Eating lots of meat, which is a huge source of protein, can help you lose weight much faster. This is because protein has a powerful effect on someone’s appetite. It can reduce your feelings of hunger, increase feeling full, and therefore help you eat much fewer calories than usual.

If you cannot eat lots of protein, you can supplement it with some dietary supplements such as Oxyshred and other brands. For example, eat more eggs during breakfast and incorporate other kinds of food rich in protein, such as fish, chicken breasts, almonds, quinoa, Greek yogurt, and lentils.

Eat more fibre-rich foods

Fibre-rich foods do not only help you release bowels easier, but it also helps you feel much fuller for longer.

Thus, you should incorporate more fibre-rich foods into your current diet, such as eating whole wheat bread for breakfast instead of the usual white bread. You can also incorporate celery sticks or carrot sticks instead of the usual sweets for your palate cleanser.

Drink lots of water regularly

This is an underrated life hack that no one realizes works. Drinking water before having a meal helps you eat less, which eventually translates to losing weight. This is because you can already feel full and satiated when you drink a glass of water before your meals. When you already feel satiated, you tend to eat smaller portions than usual, which eventually helps you lose weight.

There are many other life hacks that you can use to lose weight without dieting hard and working out all day. Use these and include discipline and determination in the mix to achieve your weight loss goals.

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