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Successful NBA Betting Strategies

Cha-ching. Did anybody else hear that? That is the sound of successful bets chiming and victories coming in hot. With the NBA playoffs starting in less than two weeks, everything is starting to ratchet up. There is more pressure on the players to finish strong, while some coaches and squads have begun to call it quits and shift their focus to showing the young players off and getting ready to attempt to improve the draft stock.

There is only one thing that folks can talk about, and it’s those NBA Finals Odds. Why are the Phoenix Suns, the eighth-best team in the league, considered favorites? It is a question, among many that folks have, that is hard to answer. Vegas sees something, and they put it down. Nonetheless, just two years removed from winning the West, they could go back and do it again. Here are a couple of strategies to use if you’re looking to win big in the big games.

Do Your Research

This sounds pretty cliche, but it is the most important right off the bat. There are celebrities who have all the money in the world with which to bet. And then there are the everyday bettors who are trying to pad their pockets with some spending money when doing it. 

We’re here to help those. Doing your research is the most important step, and yet it is often skipped. Somebody thinks they know enough to just bet without checking on trends and past results.

A team who is 60-20 might look good on paper, but in the betting game, that means absolutely nothing. They could be 41-35-4 ATS, and it would mean they don’t cover often. This is the difference between betting on the spread or the moneyline. 

Spreads almost always come with -110 odds, as they aren’t known on their own for finding a big payday. This could have to come as a long parlay for big money to find you.

Of course, the other side, when going moneyline, is that underdogs always pay out better. Doing an SGP featuring a big underdog would mean a ton of profit comes through. Kind of like how the Houston Rockets just stunned the Denver Nuggets in a game that wound up not even being close, any folks who SGP’ed it probably cashed on a major payday. They were nowhere near favored to come out on top, and yet they earned a victory against the top seed in their conference.

The thing is, Rockets fans probably felt comfortable enough throwing money on their team. But in a contest where the 2X MVP returned to the lineup, a loss was not the expected result. So people may have seen a trend of the Rockets recently knocking off the Celtics, #2 in the East. Knowing that they can get up for big games so late in the year could be reason enough to be in on them. Research matters!

Go Big on Threes Made

One of the many bettable categories included three-pointers made. The thing is, the modern NBA is so shooter friendly that it almost hurts to take free money off the board. But in this league, where players can at times be so hit or so miss, it’s worth betting that they will have their big night. 

Donovan Mitchell had a 1-19 stretch from a three-point range spanning three games. Since coming out of it, he has made at least three in seven consecutive contests. He has the most makes in a single year in Cavaliers history.

Any player who is on the Brooklyn Nets that isn’t playing center will likely be getting a barrage of triples. Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Jordan Poole all love the triple. It gets the crowd going, and it is how they get a ton of their offense in. Knowing they play in an offense that favors the long ball means it would be foolish to ever ignore their lines. This is the type of team that a bet of its nature is created for.

It would be unwise to ignore the three-ball. When considering putting together an SGP, player over/under, the total points on the game, and the threes made would be the perfect categories to do it. If you want to be a successful NBA bettor, do your research. And then hit up the triples.

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