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Knowing what tattoo supplies, parts and general bits and bobs you need for setting up shop can be quite the difficult task, but it doesn’t have to be that way. Although the industry is constantly changing and adapting, the primary basics for what constitutes an artist’s shop as ‘set up’ has tended to stay the same. There can be quite an extensive list in terms of what tattoo supplies you need, but starting with the basics and building them up over time is the perfect way to start. As long as an artist doesn’t skimp on quality, there should be no problems.


Tattoo Machines and Parts

The basic tattoo supplies you need to set up shop will be expensive and pricey, but as an artist, you can’t skimp on quality when it comes to customer safety. The first port of call for gathering tattoo supplies that you will need is the guns themselves. Whether you choose to opt for coil or rotary doesn’t matter but what is important is the accompanying parts. A power supply, foot switch, spring clip gauge and feeler gauge are needed to make sure all your tattoo supplies and guns work in perfect harmony. Making sure you select high-quality equipment first time means there should be no replacements or fixes for a long time. An artist’s tattoo supplies are a lifetime investment.

Medical Supplies and Sterilization Equipment

Customer safety is a priority which means an artist’s tattoo supplies always need to be clean and sterile. Making sure that disposables are disposed of correctly and equipment that is to be used again is medically sterilized using the proper equipment is key to customer safety. As well as sterilising equipment, a variety of medical supplies are needed to keep customers and tattoo supplies on top form. Razors, bandages, spray bottles and vaseline are just some of the tattoo supplies you will need to carry out the inking process. Making sure you have all the basics covered means there should be no risk to customer safety or their healing process.

Tattoo Shop Furniture

The most overlooked tattoo supplies start in the shop itself. Furniture and appliances are needed when starting up or the tattoo process will prove a bit difficult without them. Artist chairs, client beds, adjustable lights and tattoo work tables are just some of the tattoo supplies needed before even thinking about picking up the needle. Good quality furniture that will stand the test of time is the key to keeping your shop running smoothly and minimises the need for replacement supplies.

Needle Supplies

Before getting to work with inks and arms, it’s important to have the right needles for the right jobs. Making sure you have all the right tattoo supplies includes having a variety of needles to suit every tattoo task. Whether it’s a liner or a flat shader, you’re going to need every type, every size and all the accompaniments if you’re looking to do the job right first time. Rubber bands, grips, tweezers and sharps containers are just some of the tattoo supplies that are needed to aid the needles you use.

Ink and Stencils

Last and certainly not least is what brings your art to life. The inks and stencils an artist chooses will affect the outcome of their tattoos. An artist can have all the tattoo supplies in the world but without a range and variety of colours, stencils and equipment their artwork will end up looking sub-par and pointless.

There are a lot of tattoo supplies to think about when setting up a shop of your own but as long as you choose good quality and correct equipment you will minimise the need for replacements and new supplies. You don’t need an extensive range of tattoo supplies, just the basics, the rest will grow with you and your shop.

At Premier Tattoo Supplies we stock a wide variety of tattoo products from furniture to footswitches, rolling chairs to razors we have everything artists need for setting up shop. Come and see us in our Mansfield store or online where you can find a huge range of tattoo products and stock to suit your set-up. Visit Premier Tattoo Supplies to find exactly what you need.

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