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The best VPNs for gaming free and paid

Anyone who plays online knows when it is important to have a high connection speed and a very low ping and it is necessary to avoid any program or service that can slow down the connection in use. When we talk about VPNs we hardly think of a professional gamer or avid console fan, since even high quality VPN services still bring a loss in terms of network performance.

In reality, there are also scenarios in gaming where it is essential to descarga vpn (download vpn): just think of a game available in preview only in some foreign countries, an offer accessible only in Russia or in other countries and the difficulties of a player who, after being banned for no reason from his favorite game, can return to play again without limits.

Best and reliable gaming VPN


Among the best VPN services for gaming we certainly find iTop VPN, which offers a selection of servers specifically dedicated to gaming and accessible from the main interface of the application. By selecting one of the servers of the service it is possible to keep the maximum speed of our Internet line almost intact and to obtain a reduced increase in ping (compared to standard servers), so as to be able to play any multiplayer online game obtaining a new IP from time to time.

ITop VPN also offers advanced encryption on every connection, a strict no-logs policy, a customizable kill switch, support for wireguard technology (the fastest currently available for VPN connections) and the ability to configure up to 5 devices for access at a time.

The best subscription is from € 2.50 per month available with the two-year subscription. It is the cheapest VPN service at the time of this writing.

Are there free VPNs suitable for gaming?

While some services offer free VPNs, they are never the best choice for gaming. Free VPNs tend to get very crowded and the servers they offer don’t offer the same speed and ping as you can get by choosing one of the premiums VPN services above, thus making the gaming experience very frustrating.

We therefore recommend that descarga vpn and focus on a good paid VPN right away, so as to have the fastest servers available to play. If we are undecided and want to test the service before spending money on the VPN subscription, I remind you that all the premium services seen in this guide offer the money back guarantee: if after a certain amount of time we notice that the VPN does not in our case or slows down the game chosen too much, we can ask for a full refund of the amount spent.

Why use a VPN for gaming?

As already mentioned in the introduction, there are many scenarios that can compel you to descarga vpn. Below we have collected the most frequent scenarios:

Game Preview: Some games come out on the American or Japanese market earlier than the European market. Those who want to test the game immediately and want to get there before the others (especially if they have a Twitch channel or a YouTube channel) must descarga vpn, and use a VPN to buy the game, start the download and often also to play, especially if the chosen game provides the online multiplayer limited to a specific geographical area.

Redemption of vouchers and gifts: For promotional purposes, many online game stores and video game manufacturers offer discounts and gift cards only in certain countries. Anyone who wants to buy a game at a heavily discounted price must descarga vpn, and use a VPN server in the country where the discount is available.

Bypassing bans: Players who have been banned (temporarily or permanently) on their favorite online game can resume playing with a new account and a new IP address, provided by the chosen VPN service. However, care should be taken to descargar vpn to bypass bans, since online services can check incoming traffic and block upstream VPN connections.

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