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The Dos and Don’ts of Pranks: Learn How To Deliver the Perfect Prank

Pranks, don’t we all love them? Well, maybe not. But they’re a great way to embarrass and entertain your friends and family members. If you know how to prank someone right, you can make their day. So before you try to prank somebody, here are some dos and don’ts that will help you deliver the perfect prank.


Pranks and relationships

Some of the most common practical jokes people pull are harmless on the outside but can have deadly consequences on the inside. Pranks are usually designed to cause some degree of discomfort, distress, or anxiety. However, some pranks can have dangerous consequences, such as destruction of property or injury, especially if they are performed on an unsuspecting victim. This is why it is important to consider the psychological and emotional fallout of your pranks before you pull one. If you want your prank to have an unintended but positive outcome, consider including your victim in the planning process to ensure that it is well-planned and likely to bring a laugh or relief.

Safety and liability

Before you prank someone, take note of the following important considerations.

  • Be sure to consider who you are pranking. What if the person you’re pranking is married? What if the person you’re pranking is a parent? Will you face legal action for taunting an adult or someone who can hurt you?
  • Make sure you understand where and when you are physically able to do the prank. Be sure you can do the prank without hurting yourself, a bystander, or being hurt yourself. Pranks like this can result in serious injury and even death
  • Understand that it is your responsibility to notify people of any pranks you pull on them. You’re putting the person who you’re pranking, a bystander, or others who could be hurt at risk if you don’t tell them what’s going on.

Planning your prank

Planning your prank is super important. You don’t want to prank somebody who is sensitive and easily offended. It’s best to prank someone who you know will get a kick out of it. You don’t want to prank someone who will only be offended by your prank, and there’s always a chance of doing that. Also, consider the type of prank you’re pranking. Are you pranking a close friend, a new person in your friend group, or a total stranger? Pranking a stranger is probably the best option because you don’t know their life story and what they value. Pranking friends is great too because you’ll likely be able to pick up on their signals. Pranking your new friend’s sister or mother is potentially annoying because they may get defensive or try to stop you.

What kind of prank?

Each one of these pranks should require careful thought and planning. If you’re an amateur, you should only engage in prank activity with someone that you know well enough to determine whether your intentions are likely to be harmful or not. If the idea of trying to harm someone makes you feel uneasy, or you don’t have any experience at pranking in the first place, you might want to opt-out of the activity.

Pranks should not require a lot of effort

Prank execution shouldn’t be that hard. With that, we suggest you start with the classics: a good ol’ prank call! There are prank call apps out there that you can download that can help with your prank execution so we suggest you download one right away.

Who should you be pranking?

You shouldn’t be pranking anyone that you don’t know well or personally. If someone you know puts you at risk, the prank could be interpreted in a way that could have catastrophic consequences. On the other hand, if you are the victim of an unwanted prank, it can be traumatic and unsettling.

Even though you might want to prank your best friend, maybe they’re too close to your family. There are many reasons why someone can’t be pranked – like it being rude, humiliating, or something that could cause them to get in trouble. Consider that before you pull a prank.

The first step to planning a prank is to know your target well enough that you know what they are looking for. If your target likes to travel, try to plan a prank that involves them seeing new places. If your target is a sports fan, maybe a prank that involves a sports team will do the trick. Take time to think about your target – do you know their likes, dislikes, personality, etc? If you have a detailed picture of who they are, that will help you plan more appropriately.

Where should you execute your pranks?

Prank people at work? That’s okay. If your work culture encourages pranks and is fun, go for it. But if your work culture prohibits pranks or makes fun of those who do them, it’s probably best to leave that tradition behind.

When planning a prank, choose a place that’s relatively public, but one that the person you’re pranking won’t feel embarrassed about. Think of somewhere that is often visited by lots of people and is easy to access and has easy access to the outside

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In conclusion

Your pranking and/or sarcasm can potentially be used against you in the form of an attack. If you intend to prank or sarcasm someone, consider the consequences to their life. Think about how much damage you could do to someone, or even end someone’s life by accident. Or even have someone respond with some kind of violence. These are a few things to think about when planning an act of cruelty.

In summary, here are the important things you should add to the list of dos and don’ts whenever you have the urge to prank someone: 

  • Don’t prank somebody you don’t know well. Pranks should never be used to purposely hurt or annoy someone.
  • Choose a prank that will be as fun for the person as it will be for you. Think about if this person will appreciate it or be upset that they got pranked.
  • Keep your prank simple, though pranking more than one person at a time may not be as successful as you’d like it to be.
  • Carefully consider your prank to make sure it won’t become dangerous. Some pranksters are purposefully dangerous in their pranks. Some will make false 911 calls or worse, commit crimes.
  • Do consider your audience. Pranks should be played with the permission and knowledge of those being pranked. It’s important not to prank when there is any form of anger or hostility involved.

There’s nothing like a good prank to make people laugh, and so many of us (especially students) have been on the receiving end of a prank before. While pranks can be harmless, it’s always a good idea to keep safety in mind and be careful about who you prank. Happy pranking!

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