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The Importance and Different Methods of Tracking Freight

After the cargo leaves your warehouse, many things can happen that can prevent it from reaching the consignee on schedule. The result of delayed or damaged shipments is an unhappy customer will be reluctant to trust you again. It is, therefore, critical for all shippers to track their cargoes. A brief look at the top benefits of tacking freight and the various methods of doing it:


Top Benefits of Freight Tracking

Improved freight visibility: By tracking your cargo, you will know where it is at any given point in time as it moves from your warehouse to the consignor. You know if the cargo is transiting as per schedule, been diverted, or even been unloaded by mistake somewhere. Since any delay can be frustrating and throw customer operations out of gear, getting to know the cargo status will help you keep your customers informed so that they can make suitable arrangements. According to Forbes, shipment tracking allows businesses to be more competitive.

Locate lost packages: Because of complicated transit procedures, it is not unusual for consignments to get lost. However, if a tracking system is in place, you will be able to find out where it departed from its intended route and be in a better position to recover it.

Ensure the viability of perishable cargo: There are many goods like fruits, flowers, pharmaceuticals that require regulation of temperature and humidity when being shipped. By tracking these parameters and the movement of the container on the hyundai container tracking system, you will be able to ascertain if the environment is being maintained all along.

Different Methods of Tracking Freight

Transportation management system (TMS) software: It is a software-based solution that allows shippers to track shipments and send status updates to the consignees. Some TMS platforms allow you to choose the carrier. They can also send information to the carrier when your goods are ready to be picked up. Because of its sophistication and versatility, TMS software is the best way of tracking freight.

Barcodes: A common sight, barcodes are a popular method of tracking shipments. Unlike a retail barcode, a shipping barcode comprises the PRO number and the unique Standard Carrier Alpha Code (SCAC) allotted to each carrier. The barcode, printed on the order, is scanned at various points in the route till it arrives at its destination.

GPS tracking: You can fix GPS trackers to the containers and monitor their movement on a real-time basis on the TMS software. It is easy and economical but needs an open sky to transmit the signals.

Website tracking: If you are a small operator or want to give your customers the facility of tracking their goods, you can access the details on the tracking module of the carrier’s website by feeding in the tracking number.


With businesses and customers relying on quick, efficient, and cost-effective shipments, it is easy to see why tracking freight is critical. Prompt update on the status of the goods helps customers make suitable arrangements to make their supply chain more efficient and reduce shipping and inventory costs.

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