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We leave behind 2021, a year that was undoubtedly historic for the adoption of cryptocurrencies, and we welcome 2022, a new year full of energy, full of enthusiasm, and new sheep and investment opportunities. And after finally closing the month of December with almost minus 19%, we hope that this month can resume the upward trend again, which will lead us to see new historical highs throughout 2022.

By all accounts, 2021 has been a brutal year for cryptocurrencies, increasing their total market valuation to €2 trillion from €700 billion at the beginning of the year.

Influenced by growing institutional adoption, bitcoin has risen to a new all-time high of almost €61,000 as companies like MicroStrategy, Tesla, and Block.

It is essential to note that the most valuable Cryptocurrencies worldwide in November 2021 was the value of virtual currencies. Wrapped Bitcoin and Bitcoin exceeded the threshold of 60,000 dollars, that is, 14 times more than the price of Ethereum.

Presented many alternatives with cryptocurrencies in 2021, the best positioned in the ecosystem being Bitcoin, Ether, and Binance Coin, but they were not the only ones: digital currencies such as Solana, Luna, Dogecoin, Polkadot, and Cardano also had brilliant results. Also, BitTorrent did make a stir on 2021.

Before starting, if you have in mind to invest in cryptocurrencies in this new Year 2022, you should keep in mind an analysis of the cryptos at the time of investment; it is convenient to document yourself and be up to date on which would be the most suitable and best to adopt.

What would they be Cryptocurrencies?

The first coin we will talk about is Fanto FTM; we started the top of January with Fanto FTM, one of the cryptos focused on due to its great potential. Apart from the margin that remains for a decrease, it does consider that it could be a perfect option to start in 2022. As a Smart Contracts platform, its goal is to have fast and cheap transactions. It is a much more efficient network than the old networks.

Another currency in the arena is OVR, a platform that uses augmented reality technology, and in recent months, the rise of the metaverses has given much to talk about.

What is OVR Crypto?

It is an access code Augmented Reality metaverse developed on the Ethereum blockchain. The main difference between OVR and other similar platforms is that it enables interactive augmented reality experiences in real life through a mobile phone.

Lows have to observe the value of many cryptocurrencies, but, according to investors, this situation is the best stage because it is the ideal time to buy and not to sell.

The best suggestion is to keep cryptocurrencies in digital wallets so that you can see the profit at the time of the rise. These Ether coins, Bitcoin, Binance Coin, Matic, Avalanche, and, have caused a stir in recent weeks, but instead of being negative, it is highly positive.

Most investors have their eyes on Ether’s movements and possible takeoff since its characteristics are desirable as a technological platform that promises a lot in the long term.

Another of those expected to have a good rebound is “MATIC,” a cryptocurrency based on Polygon; it does create to compress the complexity of scalability and instant transactions; many of the Trading investors assure that the price will skyrocket.


Many of the pundits estimate that 2022 will be a year where many more competitions will come into the space and continue to develop across the board in all sorts of different crypto communities.

The influence of cryptocurrencies will increase; some bet that it will be tough to avoid it. Unquestionably bitcoin is the king of cryptocurrencies. However, there are opinions regarding ether and Bitcoin as one of the most potent and attractive cryptocurrencies to consider this year as one of the most beautiful. It does point out as a safer, more sustainable, and undoubtedly more scalable asset. So without leaving Solana, terra luna, Polygon (Matic), Polkadot, and Cardano aside with great expectations.

New changes do expect in the digital world, which means that the value of cryptos could enter a bullish phase in any blockchain that supports new NFT projects; favorable changes do expect throughout 2022.

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