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Things to Consider: To Buy a Used Moffett Forklifts for Sale

You can move more things with a forklift, boosting your company’s productivity. Consider the Moffett Forklift for Sale condition and estimated lifespan before buying a used Moffett.



The parts of a Moffett Forklift for Sale will greatly impact the truck’s uptime even though many elements affect a forklift’s longevity. Your selection of a forklift truck shouldn’t be entirely based on cost and feature considerations. The ability of the manufacturer to offer a complete after-sales service package should be an inherent and crucial component of the purchasing decision. They are also able to supply forklift parts, among other things.


You may buy a Moffett Forklift part with the comfort of knowing it is made with premium materials to fulfill the original design standard. Moffett Forklift parts from Bobbypark meet the same standards for durability and reliability as the original parts.


The Key Components to Look for When Buying a Moffett Forklift For Sale

There are some major components to consider:

  • A counterweight
  • The battery or engine
  • Examine the security features
  • The rims and tires


  1. The Counterweight

A substantial metal weight mounted on the truck’s back serves as the Moffett Forklift’s counterweight. On the seesaw, the forklift counterweight acts as a “rider.” Its function is to balance the load. It accomplishes this by forcing more gravitational acceleration than the weight of the shipment on the truck’s front.


Moffett Forklift counterweights are divided into two primary categories:

  • Bulk-Type

Moffett Forklift Bulk-type counterweights have a hollow body commonly filled with lead. They can also be made from a single metal casting or an open metal container containing metal and concrete.

  • Stack-Type

On high-capacity forklifts, Moffett Forklift or truck mounted piggyback forklift stack counterweights are typically employed. These have foundation plates made of metal, cast metal housings, or steel canisters stacked on top of one another. These plates must be taken off or stacked for the lift to support more weight. Up to six dishes piled at 2.5 tonnes apiece can be carried by lift trucks equipped with stack-type counterweights.


The battery or engine 


This area of the chassis is where the Moffett forklift’s power source is. A sit-down internal combustion forklift’s engine compartment is just underneath the operator’s seat.


On an electric forklift, the battery compartment is also under the seat.

In internal combustion forklifts, the parts of a Moffett Forklifts engine include the following:

  • vehicle’s engine
  • Transmission
  • power system
  • radiator and cooling system
  • air intake
  • hydraulic valve, pump, and tank
  • electrical fuse box


The battery and electrical controllers are located in this compartment in an electric forklift. Electric Moffett Forklifts are simpler than internal combustion fork trucks since they run on batteries instead of gasoline. In other words, they lack a transmission, fuel system, cooling system, and air intake. 

However, they do feature hydraulic mechanisms to move the mast.


Before buying a Moffett forklift for sale:

  1. Check the engine visually for defects.
  2. Verify that the gearbox and engine oil are full and look for belt and hose cracks.
  3. Examine the forklift’s performance by taking it for a test drive.

During a test drive, the vehicle should operate without any issues.

Examine the security features

All of the safety measures on a Moffett forklift for sale should be operational. Owners must ensure the lifts pass safety inspections and work as intended in case of a malfunction before utilizing them.


It’s crucial to keep your forklift drivers safe! The following considerations should be made when looking for a used forklift:


  • Harness   
  • Horn
  • Warning Lights
  • Vehicle seat configuration
  • Hydraulic cylinder Levers


The rims and tires


When evaluating a used tire of a Moffett forklift for sale, more serious problems like low tread or stacking should be noticed.


If the tires of a Moffett forklift are dangerously worn out, you must replace them. Large patches of rubber missing from the tire might cause a blowout. It would be best to refrain from buying a used forklift with poor tires unless your spending plan allows for a new set.



The Moffett Forklift data plate, also known as a capacity plate or nameplate, contains vital details regarding the construction and capabilities of the lift truck.


That includes information like: 

  • Forklift capacity 
  • Fuel type 
  • Battery type 
  • Mast-type Accessories 
  • Tire size
  • Load Capacity 

Before buying a used Moffett forklift for sale using the lift, operators always need to understand the data plate.



A Moffett forklift can be the finest choice for managing various loading and unloading tasks. You may have learned the key components to look for in used forklifts. Now it is more convenient for you to find the most affordable Moffett forklift for sale by using the information mentioned in this article.

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